Roberta Mezencio
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Who Is Roberta Mezencio?

Roberta Mezencio, who was born in Brazil, has always had a strong enthusiasm for exercise.

But Roberta didn’t start to draw the attention of followers all around the world until she started sharing images and videos of her exercises online.

Roberta Mezencio stands out for both her amazing physique and her motivating commitment to working out.

Roberta Mezencio is an extremely driven individual that works hard to achieve success in all facets of her life, including fitness, CrossFit contests, and her business endeavors.

With this level of dedication and her amazing figure, Roberta has established a name for herself in the fitness industry.

Body Measurements Of Roberta Mezencio 

Full Name: Roberta Mezencio
PROFESSION: CrossFit Athlete, Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Bikini and Fitness Model
  • a CrossFitter


Short Career Of Roberta Mezencio Roberta Mezencio

Roberta Mezencio prefers weight training to cardio for maintaining her slender body. She maintains a rigorous exercise program, which is backed up by a nutritious diet.

In Roberta’s experience, compared to just practicing cardio, this has produced the best benefits. She burns more calories while exercising, which reduces her body fat.

She may gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously while doing rigorous weight training, making it far more effective for her.

Roberta constantly makes sure to preserve proper form during her workouts. She will perform every exercise slowly and deliberately to prevent injury.

Nutrition, (Fitness)Roberta Mezencio

Roberta eats a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals all year long. She generally steers clear of fast food.

When Roberta has a picture session coming up, she gradually cuts back on her carbohydrate intake and increases her intake of lean proteins. She can do this to decrease weight while maintaining her muscle mass.

Lean meat, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and vegetables are Roberta’s top food choices. She steers clear of high-glycemic fruits since they cause her insulin levels to rise.

She prefers to consume low on glycemic index foods like berries and avocados instead.

What Roberta Mezencio Can Teach Us?Roberta Mezencio

Everyone should follow Roberta Mezencio’s example of leading a healthy life and motivating others. She has demonstrated to us the advantages of being committed to exercise.

You may obtain your best physique by being as dedicated, determined, and passionate as Roberta.