Roger Snipes
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Who is Roger Snipes?

In 1979, Roger Snipes was born in an English town not far from London. As a prominent British bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness competition, and personal trainer, he is well-known.

Short Career of Roger Snipes

In his youth, Roger Snipes began competing in track and field events, but his competitive spirit led him to resort to weight training to outperform his opponents.

Roger decided to switch from competing in track and field to bodybuilding full-time as a result. Roger unwillingly attended his first show in 2010 with some hesitation, and he won first place by proudly displaying his amazing physique.

He keeps up his rigorous training and participates in several competitions all over the world. He is regarded as one of the best bodybuilders to have come out of the UK.

Body Measurements of Roger Snipes

Full Name: Roger Snipes
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder
WEIGHT: 215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg)
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)

Roger Snipes



  • Mr. UK 2010, 1st place – Model
  • Mr. Britannia 2010, 1st place – Model
  • Muscle mania 2011, Qualifier 1st place – under 85kg Body Building
  • Fame UK 2011/Miami pro – 1st place – Muscle model
  • Musclemania British championship final – 1st place and Overall – over 85kg- Body Building
  • WBFF European Championship 2013, 1st Place – Muscle model
  • WBFF World Championship 2015, 2nd place – Muscle Model


Growing up in London, England, Roger Snipes developed a lifelong interest in sports. He participated in several track and field competitions in various stadiums in London and was a member of the Young Socialists athletic team.

From the time he was 10 years old to the age of 15, he used a tiny set of weights to begin his training.

Roger’s history was mostly in sprinting, but after a few years, his love of bodybuilding began to overpower his running career.

“Through rigorous cardio workouts, I’ve always had a chiseled body but no bulky muscles. In the 1990s, I was a huge fan of Mr. Olympia and frequently viewed stage footage of bodybuilders.

While his pals partied, Roger would go to a friend’s garage or bedroom, where he could bench press, squat, or perform any other exercise that might help him build muscle. Roger quickly developed an obsession with weightlifting.

Positive Edge

Because he disliked losing, Roger always preferred to keep up with the fastest group when he participated in athletic competitions. He was partially motivated by this because he knew adding muscle would give him an advantage over his rivals.

Rodger began training hard after finding fresh drive and regaining his competitive edge, and soon he found himself gazing at publications and thinking, “Perhaps one day I could be on the cover or in one.”

Despite being courted for years to compete in bodybuilding, Roger resisted going on stage. I’m not posing in a thong on stage so that other people can feel thrills, as Roger put it.

He didn’t realize how he might be on that very stage and win the tournament until he went to see it in person. In 2010, Roger entered his first tournament and won first place.

Competitive Background

Roger had a competitive streak and continued to improve ever since his debut at the Mr. UK Model event in 2010.

He competed in the 2010 Mr. Britania and again took first place in the under 85kg division in the 2011 Muscle Mania.

After leaving the UK bodybuilding scene, Roger competed in the WBFF European Championship in 2013 and won first place. He subsequently returned in 2015 and won second place in the Muscle Model division.

An Interest in Bodybuilding

Roger enjoys the rush of sculpting his body and experiencing the effects firsthand. Roger discusses his enthusiasm for bodybuilding here;

“I appreciate the notion of sculpting, designing, and forming the body to your requirements. Anyone may have their automobile customized at a garage, but it’s much more satisfying to do the work yourself.


Strength and slight hypertrophy are the main focuses of Roger’s training because they are the most effective and produce the finest results. His lifting routine is difficult and includes low repetitions and heavy weight, as well as some accessory work and greater repetitions to aid with muscle growth.

Roger’s Exercise

Monday: Quads/Calves

  • Hack Squat 4 x 8
  • Seated Calf Raises 6 x 8
  • Leg Press 4 x 8
  • Standing Calf Raise 4 x 8
  • Lunges with dumbbells 12kg 4 x 8
  • Leg Extensions 4 x 8

Tuesday: Back/Triceps

  • Seated Rows 4 x 8
  • Dips 4 x 8
  • Hammer Strength Row 4 x 8
  • Rope Pushdown 4 x 8
  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups 4 x 8
  • Kickbacks 4 x 8
  • Bent Over Barbell Rows 4 x 8
  • Tate Press 4 x 8

Wednesday: Chest/Biceps

  • Flat Bench 4 x 8
  • Preacher Curls 4 x 8
  • Incline Bench 4 x 8
  • Barbell Curls 4 x 8
  • Hammer Strength Decline 4 x 8
  • Concentration Curls 4 x 8
  • Cable Fly’s 4 x 8
  • Hammer Curls 4 x 8

Thursday: Legs

  • Glute Hamstring Raises 4 x 8
  • Hip Raises with 100 kg bar 4 x 8
  • Deadlift (Stiff Leg) 4 x 8
  • Squats 4 x 8
  • Kickbacks 4 x 8
  • Hamstring Curls 4 x 8
  • Wide Sumo Squat Pulses (parallel to below parallel) 4 x 8

Friday: Shoulders

  • Upright Rows 4 x 8
  • Front Raises 4 x 8
  • Rear Fly’s 4 x 8
  • Rope to Face Pulls 4 x 8
  • Behind The Head Shoulder Press 4 x 8
  • Shrugs 4 x 8
  • Seated Lateral Raises 4 x 8
  • Seated Row with Wide Bar and Elbows High 4 x 8

Saturday: Rest Day

  • Recovery

Sunday: Rest Day

  • Recovery


Roger says he’ll eat clean the majority of the time but have a cheat meal when he feels his body needs it. He says he frequently varies his diet depending on how he feels.

“I’d say my diet is rather erratic, ranging from clean to nasty. I believe I am in balance with what my body requires.

Diet of Roger

  • Meal 1: Oats, Blueberries, Flaxseeds, a Banana & Protein Shake
  • Meal 2: Chicken, Spinach & Brown Rice
  • Meal 3: Turkey minced in Tomato Jar Sauce & Seasoning with Sweet Potatoes & Peas
  • Meal 4: Diced Carrots with Chopped Apples, Oranges, Cherries & Grapefruit
  • Meal 5: Protein Shake
  • Meal 6: Salmon & Green Vegetables

Influences and Idols

Roger Snipes has experienced several different types of motivation throughout his life. On the track and field team when he was younger, he never wanted to come in last. One of his heroes, according to him, is Linford Christie.

Then, when he grew older and descended into the realm of bodybuilding, he mentions famous bodybuilding icons like Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, El Sonbaty, Dorian Yates, and Flex Wheeler.

He is constantly asking himself, “How can I become better than I was? ”

What Roger Snipes Can Teach Us?

Roger Snipes had a natural edge in competition. He hated to lose, therefore to dominate his rivals on the track, he was drawn to weight training to make himself as strong as possible.

Roger, who is now focusing on bodybuilding, has demonstrated to the world what is possible when goals are set with a drive to succeed.

If Roger has taught us anything, it’s that refusing to settle for last has propelled him forward in every area of his life. Without a goal, you wouldn’t know how quickly to go to achieve it. A goal provides you with a direction to move in. Snipes, Roger