Rosana Ollyver
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Who Is Rosana Ollyver?

Rosana Ollyver is a Brazilian wellness athlete, fitness inspiration, and internet celebrity. Rosana has a large internet following and influences many people with her posts.

She is a vibrant and vivacious individual who enjoys working out hard to reach her physique objectives.

Rosana has worked her way to the top of the Brazilian fitness industry as a result of her tenacious attitude and hard ethic. She competed in several health competitions, placing first in the 2013 Fitness Bikini IFBB-CE.

Rosana keeps updating her followers on her progress, and many of them are astounded by her amazing curves and inspiring sayings.

“Resume your training schedule, organize your food, and schedule daily exercise. It’s remarkable how quickly a healthy lifestyle has an impact on the body and mind.

And then things start to go along! Avoid anything and everything that doesn’t further your objectives and purpose.

Body Measurements Of Rosana Ollyver 

Full Name: Rosana Oliver
HEIGHT: 5’2″ (157.5cm) 97 cm
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Nutritionist
ERA: 2010


  • Fitness Encourager
  • Health Competitor

Awards And Successes

  • First place in the 2013 Fitness Bikini IFBB-CE Wellness class.
  • 2015 IFBB-CE Bikini Fitness Championships, Wellness category, first place
  • 2015 Arnold Classic competitor from Brazil

Early Life Of Rosana Ollyver Rosana Ollyver

Rosana Ollyver was an energetic young woman who enjoyed maintaining her physical fitness while growing up in Pernambuco, Brazil. She participated in a volleyball squad that participated in competitions all around Brazil.

Rosana chose to pursue a degree in physical education since she is a sports enthusiast.

Rosana started treating her athletic preparation more seriously at the same time. She then began working out in the gym to build up her physique and strength.

Short Career Of Rosana Ollyver Rosana Ollyver

Rosana decided to change careers in the fitness industry after putting in months of diligent work and intensive training. In 2013, she competed in her first competition in the wellness category. She ultimately won the competition that day.

Rosana felt stronger and more self-assured than ever after taking home the prize in her first competition. This gave her the drive to keep working toward new fitness objectives, including competing in new events.

Since then, she has made appearances in two more programs, including the renowned Arnold Classic Brazil. Rosana Ollyver has additionally established herself as a well-known figure in the internet fitness scene.

Training, (Exercise)

Rosana Ollyver concentrates on performing exercises that tone and build her legs while she works out.

Squats, barbell hip thrusts, and smith machine lunges are a few of these. She works out primarily to achieve hypertrophy or muscle growth.

Rosana works out hard, but she also works out her heart 3-5 times a week. She makes sure her body is not only muscular but also slender and attractive in this way.

A Vibrant Diet, (Fitness)Rosana Ollyver

Rosana is just as dedicated to her diet as she is to her workouts.

She consumes a variety of vibrant and healthful foods, which gives her the energy she needs for her workouts. Rosana supplements her diet with substances that enhance her health, athletic prowess, and general quality of life.

Among her favorite dishes are:

  • Lean Fish and Meat
  • Veggies of all colors
  • wholesome cereals
  • Seeds & Nuts

Coffee is Rosana’s preferred morning indulgence, which she describes as “something I couldn’t live without.” “The coffee hour is a great time for me to unwind and renew my batteries,” she explains.

What Rosana Ollyver Can Teach Us

Rosana Ollyver takes pleasure in her work as a fitness model. She is inspired to keep working hard and reach new objectives by seeing the results of her efforts. Rosana appreciates every single person who follows her and wants to give back to the neighborhood by imparting her fitness knowledge.

Rosana can teach us that maintaining a healthy balance between our bodily and emotional needs is the secret to happiness.

According to her, “Inner peace begins the moment you resolve to strive for your objectives and not allow other people or events to influence your emotions.” Rosa Oliver

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