Rosanna Arkle
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Who is Rosanna Arkle?

A model and well-known figure on social media, Rosanna Arkle comes from Whangerei, New Zealand.

She has millions of fans on social media and is highly recognized for her appearance on a popular reality TV program.

Short Career of Rosanna Arkle

Rosanna Arkle had a relatively typical childhood in Northern New Zealand. Even though she was content, she knew that moving to Australia was necessary if she wanted to become a well-known model.

Rosanna started to work as a magazine model after relocating to the Gold Coast. This led to photo shoots for prestigious publications like Zoo, which helped her get a spot on the reality TV program “The GC.”

Rosanna was able to amass a sizable social media following as a result of her performance on this show. She uses Instagram to inspire women and promote her business endeavors, earning up to $3000 for each post.

Body Measurements of Rosanna Arkle

Full Name: Rosanna Arkle
DATE OF BIRTH: September 30, 1988
ERA: 2010 
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, social media celebrity
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)
WEIGHT: 115-125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)

Rosanna Arkle


  • Social media celebrity
  • Magazine spread in playboy
  • Television star


Growing Up

Growing up in Whangerei, the province farthest to the north of New Zealand, Rosanna was always quite active and led a typical life. She was surrounded by nature, lived in a close-knit family, and had support for whatever she chose to accomplish.

Beginning To Secure Modeling Jobs

Rosanna started looking for modeling jobs in her hometown in the middle of the millennium.

She obtained employment with Northland Rugby, Libra, Carefree, and other promotions. She also had an appearance in the October 2008 issue of New Zealand Performance Car magazine.

Destination: Australia

Rosanna decided in 2009 to relocate to Australia if she wanted to succeed as a model. She relocated to the Gold Coast and started seeking for work in Queensland and nearby areas.

She appeared on the front cover of a significant Australian fishing magazine and in a television commercial for a glass fitter. A cover for the 2010 “Meter Maids” calendar came after that.

Interest in Major Magazines

Rosanna was able to draw the attention of prestigious magazines all throughout Australia thanks to her expertise as a magazine model. A renowned men’s periodical called Zoo magazine gave her one of her biggest projects to date.

She was given a lengthy contract and asked to participate in the “Wild Orchid Australia Bikini Parade.” This program was produced for Unit Riders Clothing and Zoo Weekly Australia, respectively.

She immediately caught the attention of Unit Riders gear, and their Winter Range prominently displayed her in a variety of stances. She then appeared in the “Best Bums” and “50 Sexiest New Aussie Models” editions of Zoo’s 2011 publication.

Working with Zoo Moving Forward

Rosanna served as the cover girl and featured model for the magazine’s “Australian Swimsuit” Edition in August 2011. She gained widespread recognition by 2012 and was featured as the Zoo Weekly Covergirl.

Presentation on television

Because of her status as a well-known men’s magazine model, Rosanna was able to get work in television. She participated in “The GC,” a Gold Coast-based reality TV program that highlighted the lives of young Maoris.

Popularity On Social Media And Magazine Appearances

Rosanna’s social media profiles displayed her fame. She was able to gain more than 3 million Instagram followers and realized that at this point, she could generate a respectable salary only from Instagram posts.

But Rosanna Arkle started looking for additional magazine shoots rather than only concentrating on Instagram. She appeared in publications like Playboy and Sports Illustrated, and she rose to fame throughout Australia.

Rosanna Arkle


Exercise Lifting

Early on, Rosanna understood that weightlifting was the only way to develop lean, toned glutes and legs. She had initially only done aerobic workouts, but instead of being toned, she got underweight.

Her go-to exercise for sculpting this region is the squat. She sinks deeply into the exercise to maximize the stimulation of her glutes and quads.


Rosanna Arkle enjoys doing cardio workouts in addition to weightlifting to burn fat and show off her toned muscles. She regularly jogs outside and spends a lot of time on the treadmill.


Healthy and nourishing

Rosanna only ever chooses wholesome, organic meals when she eats. She consumes lean meats on a regular basis, including chicken, turkey, and steak, and needs this protein to keep up her physique.

She tries to eat consistently as well. By doing this, she may make sure that her body receives a steady supply of nutrients.


Rosanna enjoys eating fruit, and Australia offers a wide variety. Particularly fond of tropical foods, she frequently eats citrus fruits in the morning.

Rosanna usually starts her day with oats and citrus fruits. She enjoys this carbohydrate rush in the morning since it gives her the energy she needs for her active lifestyle.

What Rosanna Arkle can teach us?

Rosanna Arkle demonstrates that sometimes taking great risks to pursue our aspirations is necessary.

She traveled to Australia to live, work, and pursue her profession because she was unable to find sufficient modeling employment in New Zealand.

Rosanna’s perseverance and self-assurance paid off in the end, as she amassed millions of Instagram followers. She appeared in important television programs and landed spreads in important publications like Playboy.

Show as much commitment as Rosanna did if you want to work as a model and pursue your dreams, and who knows where you might end up.