Salvador Ruiz
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Who is Salvador Ruiz?

At the age of 16, Salvador Ruiz, also known as El Maestro, left his parents’ house to pursue his dream of being a professional bodybuilder.

He developed his own business, opened three gyms, and produced a line of supplements as a result of his amazing adventure.

Short Career of Salvador Ruiz

Salvador Ruiz made a name for himself in the bodybuilding world as maybe the greatest athlete to originate from Spain; he encouraged a huge number of followers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and rose to the status of a national hero.

Body Measurements of Salvador Ruiz

Full Name: Salvador Ruiz
HEIGHT:  5’8″ (172.5cm)
ERA: 1970, 1980
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder 
ALIAS: salva63

Salvador Ruiz


  • 1967 Mr. Madrid, 1st
  • 1969 Mr. Spain, 3rd
  • 1974 Mr. Spain, 1st
  • 1975 Mr. Spain, 1st
  • 1975 IFBB Universe, 18th
  • 1976 Mr. Spain, 1st
  • 1976 Mr. Europe, 1st
  • 1977 Mr. Spain, 1st
  • 1977 NABBA Mr. Universe, 2nd
  • 1977 WABBA World Championship, 4th
  • 1978 Mr. Spain, 1st
  • 1978 NABBA Mr. Universe, 1st
  • 1978 WABBA World Championship, 1st
  • 1980 NABBA Mr. Universe, 4th
  • 1981 WABBA Pro World Cup, 10th
  • 1981 WABBA World Cup, 13th
  • 1983 IFBB World Pro, 16th
  • 1984 IFBB World Pro, 18th
  • 1985 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 20th
  • 1989 IFBB Grand Prix Sweden, 12th
  • 1989 IFBB Grand Prix Spain, 14th
  • 1989 IFBB Grand Prix Germany, 10th
  • 1989 IFBB Grand Prix France, 4th


Young Years

Salvadore, who was born in Argamasilla de Alba, Spain, participated in a variety of activities as a child, including cycling and boxing. But there was no gym in the little community where he resided.

At the age of 15, Salvadore got dissatisfied with the absence of sports facilities in his home as his enthusiasm for fitness grew.

The young man started weight lifting in the back of a bread factory, building barbells out of cement.

Exercise Journey

By the time Salvadore turned 16 in 1962, he had significantly improved his physique and had developed a passion for exercise. He was ready to pursue his passion at this moment.

Salvadore relocated to Barcelona the same year to pursue a career in fitness. He worked as a waiter for the following two years as he built his body.

He relocated once more to Madrid because there weren’t many prospects for him to compete. His career as a bodybuilder started here.


At the age of 21, Salvadore entered his first competition—the 1967 Mr. Madrid show—after moving live with his relatives in Madrid.

The Spanish athlete made a strong debut in the competition, winning the award. This inspired him to improve and enter more challenging competitions.

Salvadore competed in the 1969 Mr. Spain national competition two years later. Even though he didn’t win, he finished in the top 3, and at such a young age, he learned a lot (23).

He also broke the 131-kilogram military press national record during this time. Salvadore’s exposure helped him become known as a bodybuilder.

Salvador Ruiz


A few years later, Salvadore opened his gym to add to his increasing resume of athletic accomplishments. His sports complex was so well-liked by 1973 that he decided to add two more gyms.

During this time, Salvadore also launched his line of dietary supplements, including protein powders.

Invincible in Spain

Salvador Ruiz was an undefeated bodybuilder in his own country from 1974 to 1978. He had won every Mr. Spain competition during this time, and he had also competed in the IFBB, WABBA, and NABBA world championships.

Salvadore’s greatest triumphs to date were around the end of 1978 when he won the WABBA World Championship and NABBA Mr. Universe titles.

However, he had only just begun.

Retirement and Legendary Status

Salvadore excelled in an additional 10 tournaments over the following ten years.

In renowned competitions like the 1985 Mr. Olympia, when he competed as the first Spanish bodybuilder in Mr. Olympia history, he finished in the top five alongside competitors like Lee Haney and Mohamed Makkawy, further solidifying his reputation as a fitness legend.

Salvadore decided to stop competing after a successful 22-year career. At the age of 43, he retired from the sport as a bodybuilding legend and a hero in his native nation.

From Salvador Ruiz, what can we infer?

Salvador Ruiz has taught us to pursue our aspirations by taking action. At the age of 16, he left his parents’ house to pursue his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Salvadore has shown that anyone can succeed if they are persistent enough. He had opened three gyms by the time he retired and had won many competitions.