Samuel Kulbila
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Who is Samuel Kulbila?

Samuel “Titanium” Kulbila, who hails from a small community in Ghana, West Africa, stunned the world with his stubborn attitude by building one of the greatest physiques to emerge from the “garden of Eden” with only homemade equipment.

Short Career of Samuel Kulbila

Samuel Kulbila has participated in regional bodybuilding competitions, amassed a sizable social media following, and keeps working to establish himself as “one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.” Samuel has shown no indications of stopping.

Body Measurements of Samuel Kulbila

Full Name: Samuel Kulbila 
ALIAS: Kulbila “Titanium” Samuel
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Security Guard, Construction Worker
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
HEIGHT: 5’8″ (172.5cm)

Samuel Kulbila


Getting into bodybuilding

When Samuel’s close buddy “Reginald Okyere Mintah” persuaded him to work out with him at his nearby outdoor gym, Samuel initially became interested in fitness. From this point on, Samuel started to devote more time to weight training.

However, Samuel’s friend kept encouraging him to join him in the gym even though he wasn’t initially interested in weightlifting and fitness.

Reginald replied that Samuel Kulbila would be very good at sports based on his frame and physique when Samuel responded, “Why do you keep asking me?”.

He and Reginald headed to the gym the very following morning, on September 15, 2011, at 6:30 a.m.

Increasing His strength

Samuel began his workouts with shoulder and arm exercises. The following day, Samuel reflects, “I couldn’t scratch my back.”

He decided not to go to the gym again because his entire body hurt, but his friend Reginald wouldn’t let him give up. “Pain is only momentary,” he remarked.

Samuel remembers that after a few months of perseverance and rigorous training, people began to notice him in the street and would gawk at his muscles.

I continued to lift weights after realizing that iron is trustworthy and never tells falsehoods, and I’ve now been involved in bodybuilding for three and a half years.

Putting Up A Gym

Samuel’s gym, the renowned homemade gym, was first built out of nothing more than scrap metal, concrete, and pipes.

Samuel claims that because they all reside in outlying areas without access to equipment or gyms, their only other option was to build their own.

We improvised gym equipment because we don’t live close to the city where the genuine gymnasiums are, and even if we did, we couldn’t afford them given the cost, so we improvised our own.

Occupational Life

In addition to working out most days of the week, Samuel Kulbila also works as a construction worker, a nightclub bouncer, and a watch volunteer in his community.

He enjoys listening to music for enjoyment, researching fitness and nutrition on the internet, and watching movies in his own time.

Wishes and Hopes

Samuel’s aspirations for the future include being one of the all-time greatest bodybuilders. Along with building his gym with actual equipment, he also wants to promote sports in his native nation.

“My approach to training is a bit different because I don’t have a chart for my training like how most people do in working on a muscle group in each day.”


Getting Fit Twice a Day

Compared to most bodybuilders, Samuel takes a distinct approach to training. Although he doesn’t have specific days of the week for each muscle group, he makes sure to work every body part throughout the week.

Sometimes he works out twice a day to shock his body and promote additional growth before cutting back to just one workout per day to maintain.

I perform numerous sets with rep ranges of 15, 12, 10, and 8.


Samuel typically performs cardio exercises first thing in the morning. His preferred aerobic exercises are running or jump rope, which he does twice a week.

“I don’t party… but I do take a bottle of beer on my birthday which is annually so it doesn’t have any effect on my training.”

Samuel Kulbila


Samuel doesn’t monitor calories and acknowledges that he doesn’t know a lot about them. He acknowledges that he consumes a lot of carbohydrates, eating three to four times daily.

Samuel’s Diet

1. meal one –” Hausa Koko” and “choosy” (millet porridge and beans balls)
2. meal two, – 6 egg whites, two bananas, and slightly cooked oats.
3. Meal three – rice, yam, plantain, or “eba” as my carbs and my cocoyam leaves sauce with smoked fish such as tuna  – catfish, salmon, and more avocados.
4. Meal four –  is similar to meal three, but I just change the cocoyam sauce and place it with tomato stew, two whole-boiled eggs, and green beans.

What Can We Infer about Samuel Kulbila?

No matter what challenges we encounter or how challenging it may be to exercise regularly, Samuel Kulbila has shown us that it is still possible to develop a “God-like” body using only a few pieces of equipment fashioned from scrap metal and concrete.

You too may develop a great physique by exercising and working out with the same dedication Samuel did.