Sandra Bullock

American actress Sandra Bullock appears always beautiful and in great form. She has a healthy body and good physique.

She is energetic. Her fans and followers are ever curious to know from her her eating habits and other health tips. So here it is!

Sandra Bullock and her secrets of a great energetic physique and washboard abs

The gorgeous actress from Hollywood, Sandra Bullock has always looked stunning in all her famous movies. She follows some health rules that is the secret to her great body.

1. Sandra Bullock follows portion control

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock and her health secrets (Source: IMDb)

Actress Sandra Bullock admits that she used to order meal delivery services to remain healthy. These services were based in Los Angeles and good served was fresh.

The foods were gluten and sugar free. She does portion control of meals. These meals included foods such as free-range turkey and hormone-free chicken.

2. She has variety in her diet

But Sandra is not always sticking to diets with no gluten or sugars. She has one cheat day in a week. During this day, she splurges on delicacies. Sandra had said:

“I start (cheating on food) Friday night and I end Saturday night,”

She has chocolates with bacon on it and other foods that she relishes for these 24 hours in a week.

For breakfast, Sandra likes scrambled eggs and a grilled tomato. And for lunch she usually takes grilled chicken salad with feta cheese, with black beans and spinach and also balsamic vinegar dressing.

In dinner, it is grilled Salmon fillet with brown rice and added broccoli. Sandra snacks on
nuts and seeds including apple slices.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock takes grilled chicken salad with feta cheese in lunch (Source: Eating well)

3. Regular exercises

Sandra is into a regular workout regime. She loves gym and had said:

“If I can work out every day, I will,”

She is more into Pilates, kickboxing, running, or biking. Additionally, she enjoys celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue’s famous Body By Simone dance-cardio training. De La Rue had told Radar Online once:

She puts in an hour a day, six times a week,”

“She is extremely motivated and driven.”

4. Green tea does the remaining magic

Sandra is fond on green tea.

Career and love life of Sandra

Sandra is 57 now and she hails from Arlington in Virginia. Her mother 8s from Germany and a singer and voice teacher. Her father from Alabama is an Army employee.

She was in several student films before landing a role in off-Broadway. Soon she got a role in TV. She appeared in many small films and bagged the lead role in film Working Girl in 1990.

After that, there was no look back and Sandra always did justice to her role. She has international repute and isan accomplished actress.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock with current partner Bryan Randall (Source: Popsugar)

After failed relationships with actor Tate Donovan, footballer Troy Aikman, actor Matthew McConaughey, and actor Ryan Gosling, Sandra married motorcycle builder Jesse James in 2005.

In 2010, she sought divorce from James on grounds of infidelity. Sandra has two adopted children.

Since 2015, Sandra is dating professional photographer, Bryan Randall. He supports her and takes good care of her and her children. A friend had revealed:

Bryan takes care of her in all of the right ways. She feels loved and appreciated all of the time.”