Sarah Allen
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Who is Sarah Allen?

Fitness model, bikini competitor, and personal trainer Sarah Allen is from Australia and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She represents the prestigious IFBB, where she obtained her Pro Card, in competitions.

Short Career of Sarah Allen

Through glamour modeling, Sarah Allen developed an interest in fitness; at first, she only wanted to tone up for picture shoots.

However, Sarah was eventually so motivated by fitness that she gave up modeling and chose to pursue a career in it instead.

She has subsequently emerged as one of the most recognizable fitness models in Australia, appearing on several magazine covers.

But Sarah found that the process wasn’t simple. She acknowledges that maintaining her diet was challenging.

stating that “one of the greatest difficulties was the psychological aspect of dieting and exercising and recognizing every little bit matters.” Despite these challenges, she triumphed, inspiring everyone in the process.

Body Measurements of Sarah Allen

Full Name: Sarah Allen
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
WEIGHT: 115-125 pounds (52.2-56.7kg)
HEIGHT: 5’4″(162.5cm)

“Through the years trying to battle the mind on dieting, living healthy, eating clean, building muscle, building shape, endurance, lifting, performance. Never once was there just a simple answer or even a set way that ‘works’ for me.

Every time is different, different goals, different stage of life and different starting points. What really had to transform was the way I think, each time there was a little more understanding.”

Sarah Allen



  • IFBB Australasian Open Bikini Tall, 2nd
  • IFBB All Female Classic Open Bikini Tall, 2nd
  • FitX IFBB Open Bikini Tall, 2nd


  • IFBB QLD State Championships, Open Bikini 2nd
  • IFBB Australasian – Open Bikini 4th
  • FitX Melbourne IFBB – Open Bikini 4th


  • IFBB QLD championships, Open Bikini 2nd


Sarah’s Childhood

Sarah Allen, an Australian-born woman, competed in horseback riding when she was younger. She competed in horse riding events on the weekends or whenever she had free time throughout middle and high school.

High school was primarily comprised of getting up early to feed and rug both horses and potentially work one of them before class.

After returning from school, one horse is trained, the stables are fed and cleaned, schoolwork is done, and then it’s time for bed.

Exercise and Modeling

Sarah’s career as a competitive horse rider came to an end when her time in high school finished. She then tried glamor modeling, which was very different.

Sarah quickly recognized she had to develop certain behaviors if she wanted to be successful as a model in this brand-new environment. One of the routines was a daily exercise program.

She began working out in the gym to get in shape for her photo sessions. Sarah, however, noticed a gradual increase in her enthusiasm for exercise over time. She was attracted by the entire process of lifting weights and altering her figure.

She was so awestruck by the entire procedure that she gave up modeling and pursued a career in fitness.

But Sarah’s days as a model weren’t quite finished. In actuality, she simply changed her line of work and started working as a fitness model.

Exposure within the Sector

Over time, Sarah’s physical potential increased to the point where prestigious Australian modeling agencies began to take notice of her.

She eventually started modeling for these very agencies, which helped her become more well-known in the fitness sector.

Bikini contests

Around this time, Sarah also developed a fascination with athletic tournaments. “I started watching Olympia and the Arnold,” she claims, “and I noticed that they had a bikini segment. These girls are incredible, I told myself. I now had a new objective!

She made her debut on the bikini stage not long after that. She decided to continue competing professionally because she enjoyed the experience of being on stage.

Sarah eventually succeeded in obtaining her Pro Card, following which she began to perform on the IFBB Pro stages. including the 2015 IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini and the 2015 IFBB Dallas Pro.

Extend her Influence

Sarah began sharing photos of her experience on social media as she was competing and enjoying her modeling job.

Many new users visited Sarah’s accounts and enquired as to how she had managed to sculpt such an incredible body. This, according to Sarah, is what motivated her to earn her certification as a personal trainer and give back to the fitness industry by assisting others in building their amazing bodies.

Since then, Sarah has gained even more notoriety; in modern times, she is regarded as one of Australia’s most important fitness icons.

“Inhale confidence, exhale doubt. Sometimes we need a mental break or ‘mental holiday’ just as much, if not more than a physical one.”

Sarah Allen


Various Cardio

HIIT is not Sarah’s preferred kind of exercise. She typically engages in one 30- to 60-minute aerobic workout every day.

She will increase the number of cardio sessions as the competition day draws nearer. Sarah will therefore exercise with cardio twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

She occasionally substitutes HIIT for traditional cardio. Just to switch things up and keep it interesting, she says.

Sarah Allen’s Exercise Program

Monday: Shoulders

  • Shoulder press – 10-12 x 4
  • Rear raises – 10-12 x 4
  • Side raises – 10-12 x 4
  • Front raise with cable – 10-12 x 4

Tuesday: Legs

  • Leg press – 10-12 x 4
  • Squats – 10-12 x 4
  • Deadlift – 10-12 x 4
  • Walking lunges – 10-12 x 4
  • Sumo squats –10-12 x 4

Wednesday: Back & Chest

  • Wide grip pull down – 10-12 x 4
  • Narrow grip pulldown – 10-12 x 4
  • Wide grip row – 10-12 x 4
  • Narrow underhand row – 10-12 x 4
  • Incline bench flys – 10-12 x 4

Thursday: Abs, Cardio

  • Intervals on stepper or treadmill 45 mins
  • 20 of each, repeat 4 times.
  • Basic crunches
  • Superset
  • Leg raises
  • Superset
  • Plank 1-2 mins

Friday: Legs – High rep

  • Leg press wide – 20×5, superset with, Leg press narrow – 20×5
  • Leg curl – 20×5, superset with, Leg extension – 20×5
  • Step ups- 20×5, superset with, Walking lunges- 20×5

Saturday: Back and Arms

  • Rear delts – 20×5
  • Wide grip row – 20×5
  • Triceps dips – 20×5
  • Bicep curls – 20×5

Sunday: Rest

The Best Exercises by Sarah

  1. Lunges – This is Sarah’s favorite exercise for glute development. She says it’s also efficient in building overall leg muscle mass.
  2. Reverse Fly – Sarah believes this one works her shoulders like no other exercise. It gives her a great pump and even greater results.
  3. Bent Over Rows – Alongside building an awesome back, Sarah says this one is important for building rear delts as well.


Healthy Eating

Sarah makes an effort to maintain a balanced, healthy diet all year round. avoiding processed foods, alcohol, sweets, and soft beverages.

She has discovered that this type of dieting works best for her body and her mind, especially when it comes to maintaining muscle and shedding fat.

Sarah’s Food Schedule

This is how Sarah’s usual day of eating looks;

  • 1st Meal: 3 Egg Whites & Oats
  • 2nd Meal: Protein Shake
  • 3rd Meal: Lean Beef or Turkey Mince, Capsicum, Onion, and Brown Rice
  • 4th Meal: Chicken with Sweet Potato and Broccoli
  • 5th Meal: White Fish and Spinach
  • 6th Meal: 10 Almonds and a small Light Yogurt

Another variation of her diet;

  • 1st Meal: Oats, 4 egg whites, and a handful of blueberries with some green or herbal tea.
  • 2nd Meal: Chicken, greens (mix of beans, peas, and broccoli), brown rice, and a bit of avocado
  • 3rd Meal: Chicken, greens (mix of beans, peas, and broccoli), brown rice, and a bit of avocado
  • 4th Meal: Kangaroo, greens (mix of beans, peas, and broccoli), sweet potato
  • 5th Meal: Fish & greens (Spinach)
  • Snack: Almonds, Protein shake, seasoned cucumber slices, strawberries/blueberries


Additional supplements are taken in addition to common bodybuilding supplements including whey protein, glutamine, and BCAAs. Sarah uses vitamins to improve her general health.

After exercise, they are magnesium, folic acid, vitamin D, wild fish oil, calcium, and iron.

Influences and Idols

Although Sarah doesn’t specifically name anyone as an inspiration. She had to motivate herself to begin her fitness quest.

She admitted that there were occasions when she wasn’t sure if she could maintain her rigorous diet because the stricter diets and her training psychologically taxed her.

Sarah was able to overcome every challenge in her path, though, and eventually became an IFBB Pro because of her strong resolve.

What Sarah Allen Can Teach Us?

We might all benefit from Sarah’s capacity to persevere through challenging times in her profession. Her diet got so difficult at times that she considered breaching her standards.

Sarah was aware, though, that the momentary thrill of indulging in a cheat meal wasn’t worth it. She relied on this to motivate her throughout her competitive career.

What we can learn from Sarah Allen is that to achieve high heights, like Sarah, you may need to make some sacrifices along the road.

But if you can persevere through them, you’ll be able to accomplish whatever objective you set for yourself, just like Sarah Allen.