Shaunna Marie
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Who is Shaunna Marie?

Shaunna Marie is an online fitness coach, national NPC bikini competitor, and certified personal trainer from the USA.

Short Career of Shaunna Marie

Shaunna Marie has advanced in the fitness profession, demonstrating to everyone what can be accomplished with effort, commitment, and a healthy attitude to exercise. She didn’t always have this confidence, though.

Shaunna visited the doctor multiple times in 2013 for a wide range of health issues. She was instructed by the physicians to stop all exercise and take many medications.

Shaunna, on the other hand, decided to go the other course and joined a gym where she worked through her ailments.

Shaunna developed her physical fitness, her strength, and her knowledge of self-healing via this process. She has discovered since the start of her trip how a healthy diet and regular exercise can transform a person’s life.

“My ‘therapy’ changed to the gym. I discovered that the more I worked, the better I felt. I felt strong after completing a challenging workout that dulled the discomfort I was experiencing physically.

Body Measurements of Shaunna Marie

Full Name: Shaunna Marie
WEIGHT: 115-125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
ERA: 2010
ALIAS : xxshaunnamarie

Shaunna Marie


  • NPC Bikini Athlete
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Online Fitness Coach

“Specialists told me that I needed medication to stop stomach spasms, I needed to reduce physical activity, and holding a career would be near impossible for me.

I did what most people probably wouldn’t do – I took the exact opposite approach and vowed to beat what I was faced with by making my body strong, and my mind even stronger.”

“Fitness ‘saved my life’ – and for that reason I am extremely passionate about it. The physical progress is amazing, but the best part about it is the mental strength that you gain.”


Shaunna has transformed from a “skinny girl” to one of the top American NPC Bikini Models. She has accomplished this by working out for several hours each week to polish her figure.

Squats, lunges, glute kickbacks, and the sumo deadlift are some of the exercises she likes to concentrate on for her lower body.

She also takes care to train her upper body, doing the shoulder press and lat pulldown to help shape her well-known v-taper physique.

Shaunna doesn’t need to do much cardio because she has an ectomorph body type, but when she does, she alternates between HIIT and a few steady-state cardio sessions.

Shaunna Marie


Shaunna has mastered the art of taking care of her body after suffering for years from a dietary allergy. She accomplishes this by consuming organic food sources that don’t harm her body.

She can heal her body more quickly and have more energy by making thoughtful decisions about the bulk of her meals, which include entire food sources.

What Shaunna Marie Can Teach Us?

Shaunna Marie struggled to get in shape and received advice from medical authorities to stop exercising and take a variety of drugs to treat her food intolerance.

She was aware, though, that nutrition and exercise were a better, more organic method to cure her body.

She managed to get to the top of the NPC Bikini competition, establish herself as a personal trainer, and serve as an example to many people seeking betterment in their lives.

What we can learn from Shaunna Marie is that if you have a desire for health and fitness together with a gut sense that something isn’t right for you, you should listen to it.

You could then construct a healthier and more fulfilling life, just like Shaunna Marie did, by listening to your instincts.