Skipping breakfast

Deciding on your menu for your meals in a day including breakfast is difficult for many.

The question becomes harder if a person is on some special diet or is on intermittent fasting or has some allergies. Some even practice skipping breakfast due to their inability to decide. But this is worse.

Daily time-restricted eating and skipping breakfast benefits?

Often people do intermittent fasting to lose excess body fat. They want to slim down and sone dieticians advocate this type of fasting for it. This could be alternate day fasting, periodic fasting or time restricted fasting in a day.

In the latter, they est from noon to 8 pm and fast after 8 pm until next day noon. This implies they skip their dinners. Some religions also advocate this type of eating style.

Skipping breakfast
Skipping breakfast and intermittent fasting (Source: Harvard Health)

Some studies have revealed that this aids weight loss and boosts the process. It potentially also brings down the inflammation in the body.

But such studies of a positive impact are limited, small scale and biased. There are other dietitians who do not recommend it. They state that it harms the body more than the advantage of losing weight.

The side-effects of omitting breakfast

Breakfast is supposedly a major meal of the day. Omitting it is not good. It can adversely affect the body. A study showed that those who skip their first morning meal have more frequency of headaches.

There is another study that revealed that participants on this intermittent fasting had digestive issues such as constipation or diarrhoea.

A study published in JAMA Network concluded that this eating style did not affect weight of the individual. In those who showed some weight loss, it did not lessen fat but instead decreased the lean muscle mass.

Skipping breakfast
Skipping breakfast is unhealthy (Source: The Daily Meal)

Thus weight loss might be noted but due to loss of muscle mass and not the stored fat. This is detrimental. It could lead to fatigue and lethargy and weakness.

There are many celebrities who use this diet style of not having breakfast to lose weight. How do they sustain?

Intermittent fasting under nutritional guidance

The answer is that celebrities follow this duet under strict guidance of their personal nutritionist. This dietitian sees to it that during the time that they are eating in the day, they take enough proteins to counteract the effect.

The diet should be nutritious and help to prevent protein breakdown in the body. Additionally, these celebrities do regular exercise regimes that helps them to maintain and build their muscles.

Hence the intermittent fasting diet is useful and not harmful if and only if there is proper healthy meals and exercises.

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Skipping breakfast
Celebrities who are into Skipping breakfast and intermittent fasting (Source: Harper’s bazaar arabia)

During intermittent fasting do not skip breakfast.

The breakfast recipes for healthy muscles include black bean omelette or pancake, banana pancakes, sweet potato and chicken sausage with eggs, Greek yoghurt along with pineapple, kiwi fruit, mango, and ginger syrup, and oatmeal with banana and peanut butter.