Liver King

The social media influencer, the Liver King rose to fame with his advocacy of a primal lifestyle including eating raw animal meat. This week in a video he confessed to lying about steroids use.

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The Liver King and his recent confession

The Liver King is a famous social media influencer. He has 5 million followers on his YouTube channel. He is a strong advocate of consumption of raw and uncooked animal meat. Moreover, he favors a primal style of living. This he states is the secret of a happy and healthy life.

Liver King
Liver King admits steroids use (Source: YouTube)

In a recent video he posted on his YouTube channel, the social media star admitted to use of steroids. In the posted video, he said:

When I talk about the 85% of the population that suffers from self-esteem issues – that’s me. This is why I fucking work myself to death in the gym, this is why I do twelve to fifteen blood-burning workouts a week – just to feel like I’m okay,”

The title of this video that he uploaded on his channel last Thursday was “Liver King Confession… I Lied,” But Liver King whose real name is Brian Johnson did not make a voluntary confession. He had to do it after some emails he sent to a bodybuilding coach last year leaked and surfaced recently.

The leaked emails

There is another fitness and self-improvement YouTuber whose name is More Plates More Dates. He had revealed that Brian had taken in one month nearly  $11,000 worth of the growth hormone Omnitrope.

In his confession, Brian also revealed the names of the other drugs that he is on. These include steroids such as Testosterone Cypionate, Deca-Durabolin, and also Winstrol. He revealed that he takes 120 mg of testosterone per week now.

Liver King
Liver King (Source: Marca)

His video and revelation was highly charged one. Because earlier he had projected his image as that of a person who eats natural and uses food and workouts for betterment of his body and health. And the leaked emails had shown this to be wrong.

What else Brian advocates?

Brian also has a website. And on this, he has put the nine so-called “ancestral tenets,” that he adheres to. These include:

-wearing UVEX glasses in order to block the “non-native light spectrum

-taking showers with freezing cold waters

-wearing no footwear and walking around barefoot

-Eating raw meat such as bull testicles, liver, and bone marrow.

Earlier, he had lied and said that he uses no steroids. But in this new revealing video, he said that in his ancestral ideology, there is a space for modern medicine.

Liver King
Liver King (Source: Insider)

Talking on this aspect, he had said:

I believe there’s a time and place for pharmacological intervention, monitored and managed by a trained hormone physician,” 

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There are innumerable YouTube influencers who also have videos on Instagram and TikTok and other social media platforms. They talk a lot of things that lack scientific backing. Hence one should be careful of these statements, and videos shared on social media. One should take them with a pinch of salt. Rethink and consult a qualified person before you fall prey to them.