Sore throat

Sore throat caused by an infection or allergy is a troublesome condition especially for eating. A person’s appetite falls with it and eating becomes extremely painful.

And the nutrition of the individual suffers. How can one overcome this temporary handicap and have a nutritious diet without throat ache? Furthermore, which foods would soothe the inflamed throat?

Sore throat

Sore throats follow a cold or pharyngitis or excessive shouting. Allergies can also cause it. In this medical condition, there is throat itchiness and pain at rest and also during swallowing.

Talking becomes difficult due to the pain. Moreover, eating and drinking are also hard and become less. Therefore, nutrition suffers badly and one might feel giddy and weak due to it.

How to overcome and have wholesome food that will also soothe the throat and decrease the pain?

Sore throat
Oatmeal (Source: Simmer to slimmer)

Nutritionist and writer Lisa Young has some suggestions on which foods are good during this time.

1. Oatmeals: a good option for sore throat

With a sore throat, one needs to eat foods that are soft and nutritious and do not irritate and hurt the throat. Lisa explains:

Foods that have a soft texture and are easy to swallow are the best bets,”

“They can also limit irritation to your throat.”

Oatmeal is soft in consistency and also healthy and delicious. Its high fiber content is an added advantage. It provides instant energy and corrects body weakness.

2. Yoghurt

This soft dairy food also is easy to swallow. It has lots of other nutrients and is a good source of probiotics. Lisa added:

Yogurt contains calcium and protein,”

The probiotics also can prevent further colds, a study published in the Korean Journal of Family Medicine revealed. This is due to the immune-boosting power of curds.

3. Chicken broth

Warm liquids and beverages are soothing for the throat. It eases the pain. Therefore, chicken broth comes in handy here. Lisa states:

Warm foods can also help soothe your throat,”

“Chicken broth is a perfect food to help with this and it can help reduce the irritation.”

Its high water content corrects degradation and maintains the fluid balance of the body. It has sodium and can replenish the salt loss.

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4. Ice pops

Sore throat
Ice pops (Source: Foodal)

Ice pops are good as they soothe the throat and hydrate the body. They also are nice with fever and make the person comfortable. Lisa explains:

“Popsicles/ice pops are also a good option as they are hydrating and very soothing to the throat,”

The cold locally can decrease the sensitivity of the nerve endings and reduce pain. The ice also stimulates the transient receptor, Melastatin 8, and relieves pain.

5. Soups

Warm soups made of peas, vegetables, carrots, corn, or other vegetables or non-veg foods are nutritious and soothing. They refresh. The warmth and steam also help to decrease nasal congestion.

6. Hot beverages

These are warm and when consumed can relieve nasal blocks and throat aches. Tea, coffee, or hot milk with turmeric are good. Ginger can be added to tea for relief of the mucosal edema.

It is astringent and therefore helpful to bring down inflammation and secretions.

Sore throat
Hot beverages (Source: Forbes)