Stan McQuay
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Who is Stan McQuay?

Stan McQuay is renowned throughout the entire world for his in-demand physique.

Beginning his fitness journey at a young age, Stan participated in a variety of competitive sports throughout his childhood, including American football and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

Short Career of Stan McQuay

Stan’s life wasn’t always simple, though. Stan decided to lead a life of crime for a significant portion of his teenage years, accruing a significant criminal record in the process.

Stan concluded that he needed to change his ways for good after being sentenced to 12 months of community service for a crime he committed and witnessing his best friend being imprisoned for murder.

From that moment forth, he turned to the weights room to direct him away from negativity.

In 1997, Stan started showing off his remarkable physique on the bodybuilding stage. His fitness career has since become increasingly successful, peaking in 2006 after being granted IFBB Pro status.

Here is his account:

Body Measurements of Stan McQuay

Full Name: Stan McQuay
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
NATIONALITY: Japanese/Irish
PROFESSION: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer
ERA: 1990, 2000, 2010


Stan McQuay

Career Accomplishments

  • Professional bodybuilder in the IFBB
  • Individual Trainer

Competition Background


  • IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro: Men’s Classic Physique – 6th place
  • IFBB Vancouver Pro: Men’s Classic Physique – 5th place


  • Mr. Olympia: Men’s Classic Physique – 10th place
  • IFBB Salt City Showdown: Men’s Classic Physique – 1st place
  • IFBB MuscleContest Pro: Men’s Classic Physique – 3rd place


  • IFBB New York Pro – 212 15th place
  • Arnold Sports Festival – 212 9th place


  • IFBB Mr. Olympia 212, 7th
  • IFBB Sacramento Pro, 1st (Qualified for Olympia)


  • IFBB Sacramento Pro, 3rd (Qualified for Olympia)
  • 202 Olympia, 7th
  • IFBB Detroit Pro, 1st (Qualified for Olympia)


  • 202 Olympia, 14th
  • IFBB Europa Pro, 7th
  • IFBB Orlando Jacksonville Professional, 1st (Qualified for Olympia)


  • NPC Nationals Light Heavyweight – 1st place (pro card)


  • NPC Nationals Middleweight, 2nd


  • NPC Nationals Middleweight, 2nd


  • NPC USA Championships Middleweight, 1st


  • Musclemania Superbody Professional, 1st


  • NPC USA Championships Middleweight, 4th
  • Musclemania Professional, 2nd
  • Musclemania Superbody 1st
  • NPC California Championships Middleweight, 1st


  • Musclemania Welterweight, 1st


  • Musclemania Welterweight, 2nd


  • ABA California Natural Championships 1st


Stan’s Beginnings In Sports

Stan McQuay, who was born in Yokosha, Japan in 1973 to a Japanese mother and an Irish father, has lived most of his life in the United States after leaving Japan when he was just a year old.

Before deciding to relocate permanently to California, his family briefly lived in Illinois.

Stan always had a passion for living an athletic lifestyle as a youth, participating in wrestling, skateboarding, and surfing.

When he turned 9 years old, his sporting career changed course as he began to concentrate on playing American football.

When Stan was in high school, he started competing in both American football and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Stan lacked the muscle and power necessary to excel in these sports, though.

Stan went to the gym to start putting on lean muscle to improve his performance. He was able to enhance his performance in the sports he participated in as a result.

However, Stan’s behavior away from sports started to have a severe impact on his life around this time.

Troubled Children

Stan was never far from danger during his adolescent years. Stan loved playing competitive sports, but he also made some bad choices that ruined his adolescence.

He thus frequently encountered law enforcement, accumulating a criminal record by the time he was in his late teens.

However, things quickly got much worse when Stan’s best friend at the time was detained on a murder charge. He was found guilty, which resulted in a jail sentence.

Stan’s life deteriorated at this time to the point where he was detained for a crime he committed in front of his college peers.

Stan was hauled out of class and taken into custody by the police, which caused him much embarrassment. Stan was sentenced to a year of community service as retribution for his misdeeds.

Stan realized during this time that he needed to alter his behavior or risk meeting the same end as his best friend. Stan turned away from a life of crime and vowed to change his life for the better from that point forward.

Pushing Negativity Away

Stan returned to the gym to overcome his criminal background and straighten out his life. He started regularly working out in the gym to continue where he had left off after his time spent playing American football.

Stan soon developed a liking for weight lifting the moment he entered the gym.

Stan regularly established new objectives for himself to ensure his progress toward his ultimate goal of developing a fantastic physique. Stan was confident that if he worked hard enough, he would eventually succeed.

Stan was able to develop a muscular, well-defined, and sculpted body after working out consistently for several months. Stan’s teammates in the gym were inspired by his efforts and urged him to participate in bodybuilding competitions.

After hearing compliments on his impressive body, Stan became immediately interested in participating.

He then started getting ready for his first competition, the ABA California Natural Championships, which would take place in 1997.

Stan was able to convince himself that he could live a more positive life by coming in the first place. He subsequently began to focus on achieving greater success.

Taking Part In Bodybuilding Competitions

Stan continued to advance as his drive for success increased. In the Welterweight division, he competed in Musclemania two years in a row in 1998 and 1999, placing second and first, respectively.

Stan became aware of his desire to aid others in achieving success after his victories on the bodybuilding scene. To do this, he began personal training, starting his own business in the process.

His professional success continued, and he eventually started working as a personal trainer for several well-known people. Stan continued to compete on the bodybuilding scene in addition to running his training business.

Stan set his ultimate objective of obtaining his IFBB Pro Card after becoming addicted to the competitive bodybuilding scene.

Stan finally attained IFBB Pro status by winning the 2006 NPC Nationals competition after a grueling campaign that included a discouraging fourth-place result in the 2000 NPC USA Championships Middleweight division.

Life Today For Stan McQuay

Stan was able to leave his imprint wherever his bodybuilding adventure took him all because of his commitment and hard work.

He competed in the middleweight, welterweight, and light heavyweight divisions, switching weight classes many times.

Stan, however, has distinguished himself in the Men’s Classic Physique division by winning the 2010 IFBB Detroit Pro and the 2016 IFBB Salt City Showdown.

Stan has motivated his online followers as well as his clients to achieve their fitness objectives over the years.

He has additionally graced the covers of numerous fitness publications around the world, demonstrating the new heights of his fitness journey.


Stan McQuay frequently switches up his workout regimens to challenge his body to the fullest extent possible to avoid the possibility of hitting a plateau.

Lifting heavy weights with low repetitions and light weights with high repetitions are examples of this, as are supersets and drop sets.

Stan makes careful, though, that he only lifts weights that are within his limits to prevent injury.

Stan also uses a combination of free weights and exercise machines to complete his workouts. Stan shocks the system by mixing up his workouts, which leads to ongoing lean muscular growth.

Stan works out in a fasting state twice a week to maintain his leanness during the bodybuilding off-season. By doing this, he converts his fat reserves into energy, which raises his metabolism all day long.

Furthermore, Stan exercises in the gym at least 5 to 6 days a week according to his training schedule. The following are his preferred exercises and training techniques:

Training Techniques Of Stan

Training Split

Stan McQuay

  • Monday: Quads, One Hamstring Exercise, Abs and Calves
  • Tuesday: Chest
  • Wednesday: Back, Abs and Calves
  • Thursday: Hamstrings and One Quad Exercise
  • Friday: Shoulders, Traps, Abs, and Calves
  • Saturday: Biceps and Triceps
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Favorite Exercises

  • Squats
  • Pull Ups
  • Push Ups

Other Forms of Training

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Calisthenics
  • Plyometrics


During the bodybuilding off-season, Stan strives to maintain a weight that is as similar to his competitive weight as possible.

He achieves this by consistently consuming whole, unprocessed foods. But because he’s constantly moving, he occasionally needs supplements to meet his daily macronutrient requirements.

The foods he consumes each day and his supplement regimen are listed below:

Diet Of Stan McQuay

Dietary Pillars

  • Egg Whites
  • Eggs
  • White Fish (Cod, Tilapia, or Halibut)
  • White Rice
  • Yams
  • Vegetables (Asparagus, Green Beans, or Powdered Greens)


  • BCAA’s
  • CLA
  • Multi-Vitamins
  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Isolate Protein
  • Glutamine
  • Meal Replacements

Influences And Idols

Stan McQuay is motivated by competitors in “Ironman” triathlons. His admiration for their productivity, tenacity and resolve motivates Stan to emulate them.

Dexter Jackson, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, and Frank Zane are a few of the bodybuilders who most inspire Stan in the bodybuilding community. Stan was greatly affected by their fame and amazing bodies, and he desired to have a superb physique like his bodybuilding heroes.

What Stan McQuay Can Teach Us?

If there is one lesson to be learned from Stan McQuay’s biography, it is that he achieved great success in his bodybuilding career due to his hunger for achievement.

Stan is adamant about achieving all of his fitness objectives, and he has adopted a “never give up” attitude that has helped him succeed on the bodybuilding scene.

Despite this, Stan’s terrible life choices during his adolescence caused him to go down the wrong road.

His arrest in front of his college peers ultimately marked the lowest point of his life. He was consequently sentenced to 12 months of community service.

Stan, however, concluded that leading a life of crime was doing more harm than good. From that point on, he embarked on a journey to change his life for the better while also falling in love with bodybuilding.

Stan was able to improve his life by being committed, driven, and hard at work while also developing a fantastic physique.

Your objectives, whether related to fitness or not, may become a reality if you have the same drive as Stan.