Steve Burns
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For many people, Blue’s Clues was a seminal part of their upbringing. While the show’s protagonist was the puppy Blue, host Steve Burns won over the hearts of the audience.

Six seasons of Blue’s Clues were hosted by Burns from 1996 to 2002. In September 2021, after twenty years after leaving the show, he made a comeback.

He gave his followers a heartfelt speech that trended on Twitter for days. This demonstrated that despite his absence from the program, he was still a cherished figure in many people’s childhoods.

This raised concerns about his personal life as well, including his history of relationships and whether he had a wife or a girlfriend.

Steve Burns, Do You Have A Wife?

Burns does not have a wife. At the very least, he has kept the public in the dark regarding his marital status and wife.

There is, however, a crazy tale about his love life that is connected to Blue’s Clue. Burns told the tale via The Moth, a nonprofit that allows users to live-stream their experiences.

Steve Burns
Steve Burns (Pinterest)

Burns discussed his embarrassing encounter with a playboy model in a 17-minute video. Since Blue’s Clues had a huge international fan base in 2000, the actor was at the height of his career.

Even People magazine listed him as one of America’s Most Wanted Bachelors of 2000. More women were paying attention to him than ever, and he was getting lots of fan mail.

In one instance, a Playboy model wrote him a note at his Nickelodeon workplace. A note inside requested that he call her and extend an invitation to supper.

Burns hesitated to call because he wasn’t sure the letter was real. But he called the model and asked her out after his pals talked him into it.

Since the Playboy model, who is over 6 feet tall, was startled to see the actor, the date got off to an odd start. They went to grab their food even though she had anticipated him to be taller.

They didn’t have anything in common, therefore they had nothing to talk about. Burns, however, was eager to make things better.

They saw a kid’s birthday party with the Blue’s Clues theme on their way to the restaurant. Fortunately, Burns had stored all of the show’s materials, including his costumes and autograph, in the trunk of his vehicle.

Steve Burns
Steve Burns (Pinterest)

The star asked the model if they could drop by the party since he thought that was the only way he could impress his date. She nodded enthusiastically, and the youngsters enjoyed seeing the host in person rather than on television.

Burns and his date went to the restaurant after taking a few photos with the children. He was immediately identified by a man who informed his wife that the Blue’s Clues host was present in the establishment with an escort.

The Playboy model was sitting in The Big Red Chair from the show, a gift from the studio when they arrived at Burns’ house. Burns was surprised when the woman asked him to sing “that song about the mail.”

Burns agreed to meet with her mother as well, per her request. He met the model’s daughter, though, and they began pitching him concepts for kid-friendly shows including blow-up balloons.

The date was “an intricate ruse to pitch him a children’s television show,” he finally understood. Other than this tale, Burns hasn’t revealed anything to his fans and followers about his dating life.