Susana Rodriguez
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Who is Susana Rodriguez?

Brazilian dietitian and fitness enthusiast Susana Rodriguez. In 2015, Susana won her first fitness competition, placing 11th in the bikini division.

Short Career of Susana Rodriguez

Susana Rodriguez continued to educate herself on nutrition, exercise, and self-improvement. After several years of effort, Susana transitioned from the bikini to the fitness category.

Her first Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic Amateur victories in Brazil were a result of this choice.

Since then, Susana has grown an ever-expanding social media following of admirers who are inspired by her incredible physique and distinctive personality.

Body Measurements of Susana Rodriguez

Full Name: Susana Rodriguez
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Competitor

Susana Rodriguez


Susana’s Fitness Competitions

  • 2015 NPC Independence Day Battle of Champions, Bikini Novice Class A, 11th place
  • 2019 Arnold Amateur South America, Fitness Class A, 1st place
  • 2019 Mr. Olympia Amateur Brazil, 1st place


Similar to certain sportsmen, Susana Rodriguez likes to vary her training. She alternates between days with a lot of exercises, moderate exercise, and little exercise.

Supersets, tri-sets, and drop sets are all favorites of Susana’s as well. These enable her to train more frequently while maintaining a high level of intensity.

Susana works out four to six days a week when she isn’t competing. Sometimes she may exercise weights twice a day to get the best results.

Susana will up the ante on her training intensity and include cardio as she gets ready for a show or another big event.

Susana prefers to work out separately for her cardio and weightlifting three days a week, leaving the other two days free to improve her conditioning and stamina.

To fully recover from her demanding training, she makes an effort to take at least one rest day per week.

Sample Workout Plan

Susana’s training plan might look similar to this:

  • Monday – Legs (Heavy Weight, Low Reps)
  • Tuesday – Cardio
  • Wednesday – Upper Body
  • Thursday – Cardio
  • Friday – Legs (Light Weight, High Reps)
  • Saturday – Rest Day
  • Sunday – Cardio


Susana firmly believes in consuming healthful, unprocessed foods. She consumes a lot of protein and a few carbohydrates for energy.

Susana monitors both her macros and the amounts of her meals. She prefers to divide her daily food intake into several smaller meals rather than a few large ones.

Susana Rodriguez makes it a point to consume a lot of vegetables. These give Susana the fiber and additional nutrients she needs to continue on her quest.

Although it is obvious that Susana eats healthily, she occasionally indulges in a sweet treat to help her feel better. She does not, however, believe that having a full cheat day or week is beneficial.

Susana Rodriguez
Influences and Idols

Being a fitness model and athlete herself, Susana respects other professionals in her field who have put in a lot of effort to reach their objectives.

What Susana Rodriguez can teach us?

We learned to constantly go for our dreams from Susana Rodriguez. Never be frightened to try again.

Susana decided to take the chance and transfer from the bikini class to the fitness class, and it was well worth it. As a result, she has won the 2019 Ms. Fitness Olympia Amateur Brazil title.

There is no getting around hard labor if Susana can teach us anything. Susana put in a lot of effort and sacrifice to become the best fitness athlete she is today.