Susie Woffenden
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Who is Susie Woffenden?

Susie Woffenden had never been interested in athletics as a child, but by the time she was in her early 30s, she had developed a passion for fitness.

She has since become a successful fitness model, receiving her WBFF Pro Card in 2014. But to get there, she had to go past her bad eating habits.

Susie Woffenden started to pay little attention to her eating and sleeping habits during her time in college. This led to her gaining weight quite quickly. After graduating, she continued this in her job as an advertising director.

But then, one day, Susie decided she needed a change in her life since she was unhappy with the way she looked and had lost interest in her job.

Since then, she has devoted her life to training and developing a fantastic figure.

Here is her account:

Susie Woffenden

Body Measurements of Susie Woffenden

Full Name: Susie Woffenden
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: WBFF Professional Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


Career Accomplishments

  • Professional Fitness Model for WBFF
  • Featured Athlete
  • Individual Trainer

Competitor Outcomes

  • WBFF World Championships in September 2015: second place
  • Earned a pro card in June 2014 at the UK London WBFF Championships.
  • Top 5 from the World Amateur Championships in Las Vegas in August 2013
  • WBFF European Championships in April 2013: third place


Susie’s Childhood

When Susie Woffenden was a student, she was never an active athlete. Susie, who was born in London in 1980, never showed any interest in competitive sports growing up. Susie’s fitness path consequently stalled till far later in her life.

Susie’s family nevertheless consistently urged her to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout her adolescence.

Susie routinely participated in family bike trips and hikes, as well as eating wholesome home-cooked meals with her parents. She had always been a thin child, thanks to her busy childhood.

But everything started to change when Susie enrolled in college.

Susie’s go-to choice for nourishment during this time was fast food. In addition, she became quite active in the university’s social scene, frequently going out and binge drinking.

Susie’s eating patterns quickly became out of control as a result of her lifestyle of partying. From that moment on, she began to put on weight.

The subsequent years in her new profession in advertising proved to be even more challenging, which made issues worse.

Finding Exercise

After graduating, Susie immediately began working at a marketing firm.

Her profession required her to maintain a tight schedule, frequently put in late hours, and care for the requirements of her clients. Susie had no intention of eating well or exercising because of this.

Susie gradually understood, though, that her unhealthy eating practices weren’t doing her health any favors. Susie’s energy levels were typically low throughout this time, and she had a very irregular sleep schedule.

Susie at the time believed that weekly gym visits and crash diets were the best ways to lose weight. But despite Susie’s best efforts, her attempts to shed the pounds weren’t very successful.

But by the time she was in her early 30s, everything had started to shift. At this time, Susie discovered a strategy for increasing her sense of self-worth, drive, and vitality.

This is when she decided to join a gym to change her bad eating habits. Since then, she has had a new lease on life thanks to fitness, and she hasn’t turned back.

When Exercise Turned Into A Passion

Susie started working out at the gym to develop a fantastic figure. She did, however, require some assistance to lead her in the correct direction. She then started working out with personal trainer Fitzroy Gaynes.

Susie achieved rapid and significant progress thanks to Fitzroy’s training strategy. Susie started following a fitness and training regimen that was created especially for her under his direction. The results soon became apparent.

Susie was pleased with the figure she had begun to develop as a result of her diligence. Her motivation was higher than it had ever been as a result, and she felt completely different.

Susie persisted in her rigorous training for more than two years, developing a fantastic physique and emerging as a fitness model in the process.

Susie, though, had by this time decided she wanted to further the situation. The physiques of competitive fitness models served as her inspiration.

Susie decided to get ready for her very first tournament after receiving encouragement to do so.

Competing In The European Championships

Susie began her career as a competitor in 2013, making an appearance in the WBFF European Championships, where she placed third.

Considering how little time she had to prepare for the tournament, Susie was pleased with her performance.

She was motivated to maintain working hard to advance her body for her upcoming competition because of her achievement.

Susie started getting ready for the UK London WBFF Championships in June 2014. She surged to first place, obtaining her WBFF Pro Card as a consequence of her perseverance and hard effort.

Susie was able to establish herself as a fitness model because of her commitment to ongoing self-improvement.

She became a personal trainer to help others reach their fitness objectives because she was so passionate about improvement.


Susie Woffenden

Susie has learned the advantages of using heavy weights with few repetitions from the beginning of her gym training.

Susie favors this approach to training over using lesser weights for fewer reps, especially when performing compound lifts like the squat and deadlift.

Additionally, she uses dumbbells a lot throughout her workouts. Here are a few of her preferred dumbbell exercises:

Favorite Dumbbell Workouts

  • Squat and Clean
  • Doppler Press
  • Combining walking squats with plyometric jumps


Susie maintains a strong metabolism by eating four to five modest meals per day. Susie bases her diet, especially before competing in the fitness modeling stage, on consuming healthy foods to keep in shape all year long.

Here are a few samples of typical foods Susie enjoys:

Susie’s Regular Food Selections


  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Coconut Oil
  • Chicken Breast
  • Eggs
  • Quinoa
  • Green Vegetables

Influences And Idols

Among the people who have most influenced Susie are Jen Jewell, Ashley Horner, and Andreia Brazier.

Susie aspired to achieve the same level of success as them in her fitness modeling profession. Susie continued to work hard to achieve the same degree of success under their guidance.

Susie Woffenden was able to maintain her motivation while working with Fitzroy Gaynes, her trainer, and she was able to modify her training techniques to develop her amazing figure. Susie commends her trainer as follows:

“His enthusiasm and distinctive approach to lifestyle fitness captivated me and inspired me to attend his lessons frequently.

The positive vibes gave my life greater forward impetus. I started making better eating decisions and incorporated them into my everyday routine along with better sleeping and living practices.

The lessons Susie Woffenden Teaches Us?

Susie continued to pursue her fitness objectives while also serving as an advertising director. But after some time, she lost interest in working in the advertising sector.

Susie realized that she wanted to change her course in life as a result. Soon after, she focused on getting into the fitness modeling scene.

We can learn from Susie Woffenden that fitness may improve your life at any age because she demonstrated that age is just a number.

Susie was able to acquire a fantastic physique by demonstrating her dedication to ongoing self-improvement, and finally, she achieved success as a professional fitness model.

If you want to attain your fitness objectives, then by imitating Susie and having the appropriate mindset, it can be possible for you to achieve your fitness goals and become as fit as Susie.