Tanya Etessam
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Who Is Tanya Etessam?

Tanya Etessam is a professional IFBB Figure competitor and celebrity fitness trainer from Miami Beach, Florida.

Her hard work in the kitchen and the gym helped her win her Pro Card in 2012, just one year after she began competing in figure events.

Tanya, however, didn’t always symbolize a prosperous and healthy way of life. She once battled anorexia, a severe eating problem that hurt both her physical and mental health.

It took years to recover from anorexia, and the process was extremely drawn out. Fighting the eating issue required patience and perseverance, just like with anything else. My amazing family was there to support and assist me.

Body Measurements Of Tanya Etessam 

Full Name: Tanya Etessam
HEIGHT: 5’8″ (172.5cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Figure Competitor, Fitness Model, Celebrity Trainer
ERA: 2010



  • 9th in the IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro
  • 7th IFBB PBW Tampa Pro
  • 1st place at the NPC Junior National Championships
  • Junior USA Championships, third place, National Physique Committee


  • Maria Bellando and Manuel Mair NPC Southern States Championships, first place


Short Career Of Tanya Etessam Tanya Etessam

Tanya Etessam was a passionate ballet dancer when she was younger. She participated in dancing courses throughout elementary and middle school, honing her movements.

However, Tanya started to feel self-conscious about her body image when she hit her mid-teens.

Because of how terrible it was, she later developed an eating disorder and anorexia. She lost interest in dance and life in general as a result.

Years passed in this unhealthy lifestyle cycle until she was 19. Tanya came across weight training and healthy eating at that point. She started working out in the gym and eating as much healthy food as her body and mind would allow her to improve her life.

This procedure was very challenging at first; it took her years before she finally looked and felt healthy again.

Pro Athlete RivalTanya Etessam

Tanya’s efforts were worthwhile because they not only helped her get fit but also made her a stronger person.

She was able to take risks in other difficult aspects of her life because of this metamorphosis, including launching a fitness business and competing in professional figure competitions.

She now serves as an example for those who battle disorders like hers, proving that there is always “light at the end of the tunnel.”


Strong Cardio

Tanya thinks that an excessive amount of constant (endurance) cardio is a mistake made by many people. According to her, doing so raises cortisol levels in the body, which eventually encourages the storage of fat cells.

In addition, Tanya noted that prolonged cardio impairs the immune system and lowers the body’s natural testosterone levels.

Tanya generally stays away from cardio for this reason. But if she needs to drop a little fat, she will choose a few quick but intensive cardio workouts per week.

Tanya’s Leg Exercises

Bench Squats:

  • 1st–3rd set: 30 repetitions of the whole range of motion plus 20 pulses at the bottom range.
  • 4th–6th set: 30 repetitions of the full ROM close range plus 20 pulses at the bottom range
  • 7th–8th set: 20–25 reps with a wide stance at a 30–10 tempo, using about 40–50% more weight than the first six sets.
  • 9th–10th set: 20–25 reps in a narrow stance with a 3010 tempo while using the same weight as sets 7-8.
  • (10 total sets)

Leg lifts

  • Repeat the same 10-set routine as stated above.

Concave Leg Curl:

  • Repeat the same 10-set routine as stated above.

“The greatest gift is health. Without it, we are unable to fulfill any of our objectives, aspirations, or desires.

We must always bear in mind how precious our health—both physical and mental—is and do everything we can to protect it. When our bodies and minds are in good shape, we can rule the world!


24/7 Diet

Tanya adheres to some of her fundamental dieting concepts and uses them all year long rather than having a separate off-season and in-season diet.

She adheres to these values;

“Feed your body, not your thoughts,” the saying goes.

Eat full, unadulterated, natural foods.

Do not be afraid of good natural fats; they are necessary for weight loss, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and having a nice appearance.

“Reduce, but do not eliminate, your carbohydrate intake.”

“Be sure to get adequate protein in your diet. A lot of folks, particularly women, do not have nearly enough each day.

“Sip some water. Continue to sip before having more. I can’t stress how crucial water is enough.

‘Do not rely solely on dietary supplements. A supplement to your healthy eating habits should be simply that.

“Eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet. No quick solutions, no extremes, and no deprivation.

“Eat good, live good, be good!” Taney Etessam

Favorite Cuisines

  • In terms of eating, steak and cauliflower are Tanya’s top choices.


Tanya does not downplay the significance of supplements even though she advocates for a diet that is balanced and primarily composed of whole foods.

They are an important part of her diet since they give her power and help her stay thin all year long.

Tanya Etessam takes the following supplements:

  • Yogurt Protein
  • BCAAs
  • Consumptive Enzymes
  • Magnesium
  • Multivitamin
  • C vitamin
  • Fish Oil Supplements
  • CLA

Influences And Idols

Tanya Etessam credits her family, who have supported her throughout her entire journey, with a large portion of her accomplishment even though she was mostly responsible for her anorexia recovery.

“Life is a magnificent mystery; all it takes for your life to change is one day.” a fresh start in terms of a job, a companion, or a relationship. Every morning, I wonder what small, positive shift will occur in my life.

What Could Tanya Etessam Teach Us?

Tanya Etessam through some difficult times in her life. The most challenging was her struggle with anorexia, which had a lifelong effect.

Tanya stated, “Even though my physical condition is better than ever, I occasionally experience psychological difficulties. Even though my battle with anorexia is ongoing, I am always inspired by how far I have come and how much progress I have achieved in my life.

Tanya’s road wasn’t simple, but she never gave up, despite how difficult it might have looked at the time. She was able to achieve her dreams of being a professional athlete and personal trainer thanks to this way of thinking.

If Tanya has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take our lives and well-being for granted because you never know who else may not be as fortunate as you are in terms of health.

Because of this, practicing gratitude will help you draw in more blessings and, in the end, lead to a more fulfilling existence.