Tatiana Girardi
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Who Is Tatiana Girardi?

Tatiana Girardi is a crossfitter and well-known figure on social media from Cali, Colombia.

She is well-known for both her devotion to the CrossFit training regimen and her presence at figure contests all around the world.

Tatiana was always interested in being active, but she claims that she overdid the cardio because she was afraid of getting bulky. She decided to include CrossFit in her training program after learning more about it and started seeing benefits right away.

As her figure developed, she began to gain attention on social media and started to compete. She posed at Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, the Arnold Classic Brazil, and Expofitness Colombia.

Additionally, she was given a spread in GQ, which led to her appearance on Colombian television.

Tatiana’s fan base now numbers in the millions as she continues on her health journey. She wants to empower as many women as she can to completely alter their perceptions of weightlifting and fitness.

Body Measurements Of Tatiana Girardi

Full Name: Tatiana Girardi
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Social media celebrity, Crossfit Athlete, Figure Competitor
ERA: 2010


  • Internet celebrity
  • Featured Athlete


Short Career Of Tatiana GirardiTatiana Girardi

Tatiana Girardi considers her glutes to be one of her nicest body parts. She performs a lot of squats with the barbell, body weight, dumbbells, and lunges as well.

Tatiana incorporates jump squats and single-leg deadlifts into her CrossFit regimen to give this area the most intense work possible.

Exercise And Cardiovascular System

Another body part that gets plenty of attention from Tatiana is her abs. She performs crunches, hanging leg lifts, planks, and sit-ups.

To maximize her fat reduction before a competition, she raises the intensity of each of these sessions, including the cardio high-intensity interval training sessions.

For Tatiana, cardio is ultimately important as the summer months approach. The start of summer signals the beginning of the beach season and picture shoot season.

She particularly likes summer competitions because she can exhibit the muscles she has worked so hard to develop throughout the winter.


Wholesome And NutritiousTatiana Girardi

Tatiana Girardi claims that she enjoys eating wholesome, nourishing foods. She frequently opts for native Colombian food but also consumes more western bodybuilding foods.

Tatiana has a ton of options for wholesome fruits and salads because Colombia is a country with an abundance of low-cost fruits and veggies.

She frequently eats out and orders salads with lean meats and stews like the renowned “Sudado De Pollo,” a well-known chicken dish.

Cookie Protein

Tatiana Girardi attempts to make whey protein a part of her daily diet. She adds the powder to a variety of foods to increase her daily protein intake with this product.

Whey protein cookies, which have 18 grams of protein per cookie, are one of her favorite dishes. She prepares a nutritious, sugar-free concoction and bakes it.


Tatiana Girardi sticks to the nutritious essentials that are preferred by athletes all around the world when it comes to her carbohydrate selections.

She consumes oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Although she follows a Colombian diet, she also consumes a wide range of flatbreads and baked goods.

What Tatiana Girardi Can Teach Us?

The importance of social media in the contemporary fitness sector is demonstrated by Tatiana’s narrative. Tatiana hopes to change the lives of women by using Instagram to reach out to its millions of users.

She has demonstrated the value of high-quality exposure for athletes as she has developed her physique through CrossFit workouts. It cannot be overstated how helpful her GQ appearance was in helping to change her career.