Classic spaghetti bolognese

Pasta is a highly versatile Italian food meal and it is delicious too. You can prepare it in a number of different ways. The classic spaghetti bolognese is a favorite whether you purchase it ready from the restaurant or cook it at home. But a top Italian chef, Roberta d’Elia from Pasta Evangelists in London feels that most people prepare this dish wrongly.

What is the classic spaghetti bolognese?

The classic spaghetti bolognese is a popular Italian pasta dish. It is the classic pasta shapes blended in a rich meaty sauce. Roberta d’Elia is the head chef at the Pasta Evangelists in London. She is a top Italian chef and pasta is her speciality. Roberta knows a lot on the subject. She shared with The Mirror UK that most people prepare the dish wrongly.

classic spaghetti bolognese
The classic spaghetti bolognese in the USA (Source: Sprinkles and sprouts)

Roberta said that in Italy, they do not serve the popular dish with spaghetti at all. But with something different. Roberta is from Puglia in Southern part of Italy. She said:

“You might not know but in Italy we have around 250 to 300 different shapes of pasta, it’s exactly the same product but for Italians, there is a huge difference between spaghetti and fusilli for instance.”

And she added:

“We know it’s the same product but it is important to pair the right pasta with the right sauce. An example of this is spaghetti bolognese.”

The original bolognese food dish

Roberta revealed that:

The Italians don’t really like spaghetti alla bolognese, they would prefer tagliatelle alla bolognese with cheese.”

If in a particular food dish, one uses the right ingredients similar to that done in the place from where the dish originates, it speaks of respect for that place. Roberta went on to explain:

The sauce is from Bologna so we want to pair it with the typical pasta shape of the region, so that’s why we would always pair tagliatelle with the bolognese.”

“It’s to please people from these regions.”

classic spaghetti bolognese
Tagliatelle with bolognese (Source: La cusina Italiana)

Further, she added:

“We’re very serious about shape and this also applies to carbonara as well. Some people want to be more extreme and will pair it with whatever shape they fancy, but let me tell you, it should be bucatini or spaghetti for this sauce.”

The other common mistake with this dish preparation

The second common mistake that most people do and make the dish wrong is adding too much of the sauce to it. The beef stock and mushrooms have to be of the right amount in this dish.

classic spaghetti bolognese
Authentic spaghetti bolognese (Source: Pinterest)

Roberta states:

It should be made in a traditional way using different cuts of meat, with a beautiful tomato sauce, and then infused and cooked for hours, but no mushrooms please.”

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By doing the dish the wrong way, the simplicity of the dish is lost. And any extras added to the food dish should be avoided. It would ruin the dish and give disrespect to the region from where it originates.