Sexy pineapple diet

Sexy Pineapple diet! Have you heard of this term before? It is a fad diet for shedding excessive body fat. Is it safe for the body? What problems can arise if one follows this diet?

What is the sexy pineapple diet?

Many diets have come up for slimmers who are desirous to lose weight or maintain their attractive lean figure. Most of these diets are fad diets.

They have claims of helping lose weight and may also make a person lose weight. But there is no evidence behind those claims. Studies on them are absent or limited.

Sexy pineapple diet
Sexy pineapple diet (Source: medical news today)

But the bottom line of all these diets is that they limit calories. But they often also limit the intake of healthy food. Such restrictions can cause an imbalance and health issues.

Some diets are extremely strict and difficult to follow. Some make you feel more hungry and ultimately cause weight gain rather than weight loss. In all this, the sexy pineapple diet is also a fad diet. More on it is below.

Foods allowed and diet plan

The sexy pineapple diet is also called the pineapple diet. The Danish psychologist Sten Hegeler started it.

In 1970, he and his wife Inge published the book titled The Sexy pineapple diet. It promised to help people lose weight and improve sexual vitality.

In this diet, the dieter has to consume only pineapples for two days a week. For the remaining five days, he or she can have normal foods.

Some advocate eating other foods on the pineapple-only days as well but the calories from those foods should not be more than 500 calories for the day.

Sexy pineapple diet
Pineapple cuts (Source: Pinterest)

In an interview, Sten did admit that there was no scientific backing to this diet. He loved pineapples and hence decided to dedicate a diet to them. The duration of the diet, foods to eat, and other rules of the diet nothing is laid down.

It is not clear whether the two pineapple-only days are fixed or flexible, or are consecutive or with a gap in days.

There are other pineapple-based diets and cleanses put up on the internet. It involves having only pineapples for 2 to 7 days.

What if one has a pineapple allergy?

Pineapple is a fruit. It has anti-inflammatory properties due to its bromelain enzyme. But some people are allergic to it. In that case, the diet founder states that one can consume pears, bananas, or apples in place of pineapples.

Sexy pineapple diet
Sexy pineapple diet (Source: Frugivore)

In the other pineapple-based food plans available online, they recommend oats, lean proteins, and yogurts along with ample amounts of pineapples.

All these pineapple diets would limit the consumption of other healthy food such as vegetables, whole grains, eggs, nuts, seeds, and fish. All their benefits would be lost. Also, in the long term, this would harm health.

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Pineapples are acidic. Hence on an otherwise empty stomach devoid of other diluting foods, it can lead to nausea, loose motions, and stomach hyperacidity. The low calories can cause dizziness and tiredness.