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International media has been paying close attention to the new CW series Tom Swift for all the right reasons.

The CW sitcom Tom Swift made June, which is recognized as Pride Month, even more joyous. Essentially a science fiction serial, Tom Swift.

But in addition to that, it investigates and makes an effort to smash the representational glass ceiling.

Tom Swift, a black gay billionaire with exceptional wit and unfathomable fortune, is played by Tian Richards.

This type of character has never been depicted before, and the media is not crediting it enough for its efforts to represent underrepresented groups.

For his portrayal of Tom Swift, Tian has received countless plaudits, and his fame has been on the rise.

When it comes to his physical fitness and the commitment needed to achieve and keep this fitness, Tian is a very conscientious celebrity.

We will thus examine Tian’s exercise routine and food strategy in this piece today.

We will also provide you with scientific justifications for why some items benefit your health while others do not. So, stick with me. Here are Tian Richard’s body measurements.

Tian Richards Body Stats

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 68 kgs
Age 27 years
Waist 30 inches
Shoulders 32 inches
Biceps 16 inches

Tian Richards’ Exercise Routine

Tian has a lean, athletic frame with good muscle definition and a trim physique. Tian frequently shares his training regimens on his Instagram profile, which suggests that he enjoys working out.

The Tian Richards Workout Program consists of:

Strength Training, Strong Weight Training Session

Tian Richards

A workout routine that attempts to acquire a body like Tian Richards must include weight training.

Weight training done correctly and consistently will help you build muscle mass instead of fat, providing you strength and a toned physique.

The majority of his activities in his Instagram videos are also a mix of mobility and weight training. To ensure that your body is on the right road for an optimal transition, you must include a strong weight training session.

Running, Aerobic Workout

Running is a fantastic aerobic workout that tones your legs and lower body. Additionally, it promotes strong bones and aids with weight management.

Tian also incorporates a 15 to 20-minute running-paced treadmill session within his workout routine. He must always be in excellent shape, else.

You can practically feel the difference if you choose to walk for an hour instead of sprinting. One of the best antidepressants is movement and exercise.

As a result, it will assist you in feeling as good as you look. We advise you to begin with a short, basic walk of 30 minutes, gradually increase your endurance and continue.


Tian routinely incorporates pull-ups within his training. His pull-ups, however, are full of variations to work with a variety of body parts.

Tian is seen performing pull-ups in the Instagram video while using routines that improve his core strength and mobility.


Tian also performs sets of pushups while using weights. Less strain is placed on the shoulders, more muscles are used, and your stability is tested in this pushup set variant.

Furthermore, it burns fatter since it involves the entire body. Start with basic pushups, or if those are too challenging, move on to wall pushups, knee pushups, and eventually regular pushups.

Dumbbell Lunges of Tian Richards

The use of weights adds variation to Tian’s lunges as well. He mainly performs weighted standing lunges.

Dumbbell lunges increase balance, tone up the back, and improve posture by involving the back and shoulder muscles more. You should begin with three sets of 15 lunges each.

All of this has to do with Tian Richards’ exercise regimen.

Diet Of Tian Richards

Regarding Tian’s diet, there isn’t a lot of information available. However, we’ll still offer you some advice on how to develop a muscular body.

Get enough rest.

Even when we exercise and follow a rigorous eating plan, results don’t always appear. It is a result of getting inadequate, good-quality sleep.

When you sleep, your body heals and develops new muscles. Insufficient sleep also hinders the body’s ability to remove toxins.

As a result, to get the most out of your exercise routine, you must give your body time to rest and recover.

Tian Richards Is A vegan?

Tian Richards is not a vegan, though.

Eat a balanced diet with a lot of protein.

It is common knowledge that a high-protein diet is necessary for muscular growth. Tian has a strong physique with defined abs. The protein helps to develop muscle.

To ensure you have enough energy, you must include enough fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Stress interferes with the body’s regular processes, which has an impact on how muscles develop.

Therefore, if you want to see positive, long-lasting outcomes from your fitness program, you must refrain from overstressing yourself.

Here is a nutrition plan to help you achieve Tian’s toned, muscular appearance. Please adjust it to suit your physical requirements.

The Tian Diet Plan consists of:


  • Eggs
  • Veggies
  • Brown Bread with little butter


  • Salmon/ Tofu
  • Chicken breasts
  • Avocado Toasts


  • Soups
  • Lightly sauteed Spiced seasonal vegetables
  • Fish


  • Desserts are made with maple syrup or coconut sugar.

That’s all for Tian Richards’s Diet Plan.