Timea Trajtelova
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Who is Timea Trajtelova?

Bikini competitor and fitness model Timea Trajtelova is from Slovakia. She holds more than 14 titles in her career and is renowned as the two-time IFBB Bikini World Champion.

Timea Trajtelova first encountered exercise when she was 16 years old. She developed a pastime out of joining her buddies at the gym.

However, Timea soon realized that lifting weights was much more than simply a pastime, and she later decided to pursue a career as a bikini competitor.

Since making this choice, Timea has established herself as a reputable bikini competitor and internet influence, with an increasing number of individuals turning to her profiles for encouragement and inspiration.

Here is her account:

Timea Trajtelova

Body Measurements of Timea Trajtelova

Full Name: Timea Trajtelova
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model, Online Coach
ERA: 2010

“Be yourself, smile at people, and pursue your passions to find happiness.”


IFBB Contests & Prizes


  • IFBB European championship Santa Sussana – 1st place (Bikini fitness junior up to 166cm)
  • Slovak National Championship – 1st place 
  • Slovak National Junior Championship – 1st place


  • The most successful junior athlete SAKFST in 2015
  • IFBB World Championship El Salvador – 1st place (Bikini fitness junior up to 166cm) + overall winner
  • IFBB European Championship Santa Sussana – 1st place (Bikini fitness junior up to 166cm)
  • Slovak national junior championship – 3rd place
  • Mozolani Classic – 3rd place
  • Slovak National Championship – 3rd place

INBA Competitions and Awards


  • European championship Karlovy Vary – 1st place
  • Grand Prix Komarno – 1st place
  • Danox Natural Cup Chochen – 1st place
  • INBA World Championship – 1st place
  • Hungarian international Championship Tatabanya – 1st place
  • Czech international Championship Brno – 1st place
  • Slovak national Championship Kolarovo – 1st place


  • SANK athlete of the year 2013 in Fitness Bikini
  • Aminostar Natural Cup Bysrice pod Hostynem – 2nd place
  • Victoria Natural Cup Senec – 2nd place
  • European Championship Karlovy Vary – 4th place


Timea’s Fitness Background

Timea Trajtelova started working out when she was just 16 years old. Timea was an active child in her youth, but as she got older, she started to lean more towards weightlifting.

Timea and her friends initially saw this as merely a pastime, going to the gym every day as a group.

They would engage in a variety of regimens, including circuit training, CrossFit, functional training, and high-intensity training.

Timea eventually decided to limit her workouts to solely weightlifting because she found that it produced the finest results.

Preparations For A Bikini Contest

Timea kept putting a lot of effort into improving her physique over the months. Her close friends saw this and advised her to try competing in bikini contests.

Timea decided to locate a personal trainer because she liked the notion of competing. Timea’s trainer assisted her with posing practice as well as helping her arrange her training and diet plan by her contest aims.

Bikini Athlete Of The Year In Fitness

Timea eventually took the stage at the Victoria Natural Cup on show day. She placed second overall in the competition.

From that point on, Timea’s situation only got better. She won four different awards before the conclusion of her first year of competition, including the SANK athlete of the year 2013 in the Fitness Bikini division.

The following year, Timea dominated the IFBB competitions in Europe, taking home an astounding seven bikini titles in a row.

The INBA World Championships, the 2014 Slovak National Championships, and the Hungarian International Championships in Tatabanya were a few of these.

By 2017, Timea had won the bikini division of the IFBB twice. She had also established herself as a well-known fitness icon and online trainer.


Getting Ready For Competition

Timea will complete four weight training sessions and four cardio sessions per week while preparing for a competition.

Timea’s goal at this time is to get the most out of her training in the least amount of time. She works out her entire body as one approach to attain this.

Timea claims that exercising on her entire body doesn’t just help her save time. As lengthier workouts can be harmful to her muscle mass when on a calorie deficit, it also helps to lessen the likelihood that she will lose muscle during contest preparation.

Preferred Body Parts

Timea’s shoulders and legs are her favorite body parts. Because they are among the hardest body parts to train, she mentions the legs as one of her favorites.

Timea likes the way her shoulders feel after performing exercises like lateral raises and the shoulder press.

Exercises For Abs For A Lean Midsection

Timea Trajtelova

Even though Timea understands the value of strengthening her abs for a toned and trim midsection. She also emphasizes how crucial it is to understand that exercise alone won’t cause abs to magically emerge.

If she wants to have ripped abs, says Timea. Everything depends on what and how much she consumes.


The diet regimen suggested by Timea is simple. She continues to eat five times per day and makes sure that each meal includes all the necessary macronutrients.

She will consume certain foods whether or not she is competing, such as;

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Whole-Wheat Pasta
  • Rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts

The View From Timea Trajtelova On Supplements

Timea Trajtelova sticks to proteins, BCAAs, and vitamins in her supplementing stack, as do the majority of athletes.

Timea will receive all the nutrients her body requires to maintain her lean physique and grow muscle thanks to these supplements and a nutrient-rich diet.

Favorite Cuisines

Oatmeal, chicken breasts, and rice are Timea’s go-to diet foods.

Pizza, cheeseburgers, and pancakes are her go-to indulgences.

Influences And Idols

Timea claims that when she first started competing in bikini fitness competitions, several fitness icons inspired her.

Today, though, she is motivated by her path and how far she has come since beginning it. As she puts it, “Fitness is now a big part of my life, and I drive myself.”

“Live for the things you would be willing to die for and don’t waste a second of your life on things that make you unhappy!”

What Timea Trajtelova Can Teach Us?

Timea Trajtelova transformed her interest in working out at the gym into a “full-blown” profession in bikini competitions and the online fitness sector.

She has demonstrated to us that, no matter what your objectives are, you can achieve them if you have the correct attitude and enough perseverance.