Quick start the weight loss

Dietitians never advise rapid weight loss or crash diets for losing weight. The shedding of the excess fat has to be a gradual process. But one can quick start the weight loss process in a healthy way. Here are the tips for it.

Quick start the weight loss process

Fast weight loss sounds very tempting and motivating. But nutritionists warn against it since it is not safe for the body. Moreover, once the weight drops and you stop the regimen for it, the dieter regains back the shed weight. This happens with crash diets and fad diets that flood the social media platforms. Often, some celebrities also endorse it creating more problems for the slimming masses. It can even lead to death of the dieter.

Quick start the weight loss
Veggies are good to quick start the weight loss process (Source: Pinterest)

But many people might find it extremely hard to start losing weight. The reasons are multiple such as are, gender, hormones, genes, body composition, physical activities etc. And the important thing to remember is that weight is not the only factor that determines overall health. But it is the most popular one.

The best way is to change your lifestyle and diet and mindset on this health issue. That would be healthier and effective in the long term. Here are the tips on how to quick start the weight loss process.

Increase intake of low calories vegetables

Do not restrict foods. Instead increase your intake of non-starchy vegetables. They are full of fiber that will make you feel full and lower your intake of other foods. Water acts similarly. Veggies have low calories and low fats with zero cholesterol. But they are nutrient dense.

Replace normal white rice with cauliflower rice. One can have 50: 50 of each together. This is the right way to lose weight safely.

Have a healthy breakfast

Do not ever skip breakfasts. Have it healthy. It should have healthy fats, protein and fiber. Get at least 350 to 500 calories from your breakfast daily so that you are not hungry soon after. This breakfast should be filling and low in sugars. It should stabilize your blood sugar efficiently.

Increase intake of spices to tolerable level

Spicy foods reduce the calories intake. Capsaicin increases metabolism and fat burning process. It decreases overeating.

Quick start the weight loss
Decrease or remove sugary beverages from daily diet (Source: Hotel magazine)

Opt for non-sugary beverages

All together omit sugary beverages. Eliminating them from diet can make you lose weight faster and also it prevents diabetes and heart ailments. Alcohol suppresses fat metabolism and it is tough then to lose it.

Mindful eating

Practice mindful eating and slow down to ponder on taste, texture, smell and temperature of foods and your chewing process. This also aids portion control. Eat using your inner wisdom and not due to external factors. Make healthy choices and stick to them.

Increase movements

Any kind of movement can enhance fat burning. Walking is a cheap and simple weight loss tool available everywhere and is at everyone’s disposal. A study had shown that those who take 8200 steps per day are less likely to suffer from obesity. They have better physical and mental health too. Strength training helps too and gives you more lean muscle that is good to slim down and for health.

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Good sleep

Quick start the weight loss
Good night sleep is a must to prevent wrong food choices (Source: Genuine fitness tips)

Sufficient and good sleep is a must for health. It keeps metabolism at a good level. Inadequate sleep slows it down. It can affect the hunger hormones and makes us have wrong food choices. All this negatively affects weight and causes obesity. Have at least 7 hours of restful sleep daily.