Tony Hawk

Professional skater Tony Hawk adheres to healthy habits in order to remain fit and healthy. Hydration and moderation: that’s the secret to his health.

Tony Hawk and his skating skills

American skateboarder, Tony Hawk is a professional skater. He has immense energy and skills in the game. Tony started skating when he was a teen. And he is a master in it. He can skate better than people half his age.

Tony whose full name is Anthony Frank Hawk is the best skateboarder of all times. He is now 54 but is still at the top in the game. This is a remarkable feat. And the four secrets of his fitness are: Adequate hydration, strict diet, rigorous exercise regime, and supplements that he feels will help him as he ages. Tony is the brand ambassador of the supplement, Qunol. This is a nutritional and wellness supplement of a company that has been in this business for many years now.

Tony Hawk
Anthony Frank Hawk (Source: Live Nation)


Tony confesses that he drinks lots of water in a day. He sees to it that he does not reach a state of dehydration. This is essential especially when he is exercising. Water loss is more during the gym visits and Tony replenishes it well. He revealed:

I drink plenty of water throughout the day,”

“I make sure that when I am going to be active, that I have water nearby, so that when I’m skating—which is my workout, for the most part—that I am hydrating during my session, not just after.”

Talking about his younger days, he said:

“I think my mistake when I was younger is I thought that I needed all my energy, all my focus, on skating when I was doing it,”

“I would get very dehydrated and then end up drinking a ton of water afterwards. Now, I’ve learned to do it as I go.”

Simple healthy diet with cheat snacks

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk (Source: Esquire)

He has a nutritious diet daily and he does not waver from it. He revealed:

Every day, I am usually eating oatmeal for breakfast,”

“I try to veer away from too many fatty foods or sugar, but I can’t say that I avoid them completely.”

About snacking, he disclosed:

I don’t know if it’s a cheat, this snack: I love to eat Ritz [crackers] with the Happy Cow cheese and little salami nuggets,”

“That’s my go-to, in-between snack; sometimes that’s just my lunch.”


He does his workouts daily to keep muscle mass intact. And he is also mindful of his heart health. He revealed:

As I got older, I started to learn that I inherited a lot of these traits from my dad in terms of cholesterol,”

“He had two heart attacks by the time he was my age. I [wanted] to be able to change that narrative, because he didn’t. He didn’t do anything about it—and so I had that example to not go by.”

His daily supplements

Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk (Source: British GQ)

His daily supplements include Qunol CoQ10 and turmeric gummies for joint inflammation.

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Tony’s healthy approach have evolved with time. He said:

“I think that I thought I was somewhat invincible when I was a kid. I was eating whatever anytime, anywhere and not really considering the health consequences of that,”

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen how it affects my stamina; how it feels and affects my overall health. I realized that I can feel just as young, if I’m willing to do the work and take the supplements and just go at it with a more careful attitude.”