Uzoma Obilor
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Who is Uzoma Obilor?

Computer gaming enthusiast turned professional Classic Physique competitor and fitness phenom Uzoma Obilor. He has risen to the top of the IFBB Pro Circuit because of his will to excel.

Who knows how far the young American can go with Uzoma Obilor increasing success and his army of followers cheering him on every day?

Here is his account:

“You’ll regret not starting now a week, month, or year from now! Do what needs to be done. Take care of your business.”

Body Measurements of Uzoma Obilor

Full Name: Uzoma Obilor
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder, Online Personality
ERA: 2010

“I recall writing in my yearbook one day when I was in high school that I would one day alter the world. By assisting others, I believe my purpose is to improve the world.

I want to make a difference in people’s lives every day in any manner I can. Because I am aware of how challenging life may be, I want to help them achieve their goals and make life easier.


Uzoma Obilor

  • IFBB Pro Classic Physique Competitor
  • Sponsored Athlete
  • Digital Media Personality



  • NPC USA Championships, Men’s Physique Class A, 13th place


  • NPC USA Championships, Men’s Physique Class A, 15th place


  • NPC USA Championships, Men’s Classic Physique Class A, 3rd place
  • NPC Nationals, Men’s Classic Physique Class A, 2nd place


Video Games And Exercise

Uzoma, who is half-American and half-Nigerian, has not always been as interested in fitness as she is now.

He was a devoted video game enthusiast who was born in Missouri and eventually resided in Las Vegas. However, when he got older, Uzoma learned about fitness. This was the turning point for events.

Starting Points

Uzoma’s major objective after learning about weight training was to get a six-pack.

But Uzoma’s interest in lifting increased when he started playing American football and wrestling in high school. He started training for strength and muscle size, and he developed a desire for pushing himself to the limit in the gym.

He had already committed himself entirely to the lifting lifestyle by this time.

Following High School

Uzoma’s days playing sports after high school came to an end, but his love of lifting persisted.

He started toying with the idea of turning fitness and bodybuilding into a vocation at this point. He persisted in doing intense training every day to reach this objective.

Bodybuilding Contests

Uzoma decided to compete in Men’s Body shows after months of diligently developing his physique.

Uzoma enjoyed competing, but he discovered that the Men’s Body class was not a good fit for his physique. As luck would have it, around this time the Classic Physique division was introduced, and Uzoma immediately entered.

Uzoma soon rose to fame among bodybuilders thanks to his dedication and impressive physique.

As he got the IFBB Pro Card in 2017, Uzoma’s success reached its pinnacle. He had just turned 21 years old.

Online Following

Uzoma’s recognition among bodybuilders increased along with his following on social media. He quickly gathered a large following on his internet platforms.

Uzoma’s sense of purpose was completely changed by this. His current focus was spreading his enthusiasm for fitness and assisting others in achieving their fitness objectives.

His goal has remained the same up until this point. Uzoma Obilor has established himself as one of the most promising young athletes on the IFBB bodybuilding circuit.


Uzoma Obilor

Set Pyramids

Pyramid settings and progressive overload are two of Uzoma Obilor’s favorite genres. He begins each exercise with a lesser weight and gradually increases the load as the training session goes on.

Then, until he reaches his limit, he will keep adding weights. He will then gradually return to his initial set or the base of the “pyramid.”

Continuous Overload

Uzoma additionally employs progressive overload during training. In that he gradually increases the weight over time, it is akin to pyramid sets.

Uzoma seeks to add more weight over months of training rather than during the actual session, which will increase his strength over time.

The Search For The Ideal Form

Although Uzoma enjoys lifting large objects, performing his exercises flawlessly is his first concern. His guiding principle is to value each rep rather than counting reps.

I’m cognizant of lifting deliberately and pursuing the ideal rep, as Uzoma puts it. I’m aiming to improve on each rep from the previous one. (Uzoma Obilor)


Maintaining Fitness

Uzoma doesn’t follow the conventional “bulking and cutting” path because he prefers to maintain a lean physique all year long. Instead, he always consumes healthy food.

He makes an effort to consume six smaller meals each day to keep his metabolism at a high level.

Uzoma will switch to a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb diet if he wants to accelerate his fat loss. This will enable him to lose weight while maintaining his muscle mass.

On the other side, Uzoma would consume more meals high in carbohydrates when he desires to gain weight. His muscles will always be fully fueled by glycogen thanks to this.

Uzoma Obilor Takes Supplements

The supplements Uzoma takes all share a similar theme. They all have BCAAs in them. These amino acids are crucial for his body’s ability to build muscle.

Here is Uzoma’s list of supplements:

  • Pre-Workout
  • Intra-Workout Amino Acids
  • Post-Workout Protein
  • Vitamins and Minerals (occasionally)

Influences And Idols

A great MMA fighter named Conor McGregor is one of Uzoma’s biggest influences. Here is Uzoma discussing his hero;

“I have a lot of role models, but I think Conor McGregor is the one I look up to the most right now. His self-assurance and self-belief, in my opinion, are qualities that many people lack. Everyone admires him because they hope they could have that.

What Uzoma Obilor Can Teach Us?

Uzoma, who is only 21 years old, has achieved IFBB Pro status. He serves as an inspiration for many aspiring young athletes thanks to his accomplishment.

One thing his story tells us is that it’s critical to never lose sight of your objectives.

Take it in stride and carry on even if you stray from the path. Uzoma has achieved his goals in this manner, and you can too if you adopt the same mentality.