Vending machines

Vending machines are a common sight in the western world and also in the major cities of Asia.

They dispense a number of eatables for snacking purpose. These are not healthy snacks. But amongst them all, one is the worst. Know more on it.

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Vending machines and unhealthy snacks

People are so used to vending machines. When they feel hungry, they just put in a dollar and purchase the snacks to fulfil that hunger.

These machines are installed in public places, shopping malls, schools, hotels, colleges, and the like. The eatables are so easy to procure. The machines vend chocolates, chips, cookies, pastries, candies, soda drinks, and the like.

Vending machines
A Vending machine (Source: Well resources)

If we look at these foods, they are sugary with high calories and fats. The drinks have sugar and are carbonated. All these foods come in the unhealthy category.

They are not nutritious and can lead to deficiencies and health issues. They are fattening and affect heart, blood vessels, and other body organs adversely.

The worst food vended by machines

These foods are definitely unhealthy and avoiding them is ideal. But the worst in this category are the candies. These are made of refined sugar that is processed.

They lack fats and proteins and are therefore are the worst option. The refined sugar, as per various studies, can cause chronic inflammation in the body, raise blood pressure, and lead to weight gain.

They also contribute in causing diabetes and liver disease. The sole presence of sugar with no protein or fats causes a sudden huge spike in blood glucose after consumption.

And this is detrimental. A candy 100g can give 394 calories. With the presence of proteins and fats in it, the sugar spike is less and gradual. But plain candy would cause more and fast glucose spike in blood.

Vending machines
Candies are the worst options to choose in a vending machine (Source: Dreamstime)

After the sugar spike, it will fall rapidly as well. This would cause tiredness soon after the energy spike. Additionally, no fats means satiety after eating it is less.

If these candies have added nuts, caramel, or nougat they are still better but not healthy either. Chocolate bars are better but still not exactly healthy.

So then what to buy?

Do not ever choose candies at the vending machines. Instead you could go for healthier options dispensed there such as nuts, peanut butter crackers, whole grain granola bars, and the like. These are balanced food options.

But even better than heading to a vending machine to satisfy that little hunger that comes sometimes in between two major meals is to carry healthy snacks from home.

Dried chickpeas, roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, protein bars, oats cookies, whole wheat cookies, wheat puffs, cut fruit slices are always better and healthy too. They are delicious and wholesome.

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Vending machines
Protein bars (Source: Wikipedia)

Have healthy fresh juices instead of soda drinks. Water is better than carbonated drinks. These soda drinks could upset the tummy and cause hyperacidity.