Victoria Niamh Spence
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Who Is Victoria Niamh Spence?

Former ballerina Victoria Niamh Spence overcame a significant eating disorder. Victoria, a native of Worsley, Manchester, developed anorexia after attempting to get in “ideal form” for her dance class.

After several months of rigorous dietary rules, regular 10-kilometer runs, and nonstop dancing, Victoria’s weight had dropped to only 39 kg.

She struggled to complete her assignments and even dozed off during her dance practice. As a result, she was expelled from school while she recovered.

When Victoria glanced at a picture of herself in a bikini, that is when things started to change. Victoria sought therapy after being horrified by what she saw. Together, they came up with a strategy that Victoria used to beat her disease.

Victoria was eventually successful in seeing her change through, despite it being a protracted and challenging process. Here’s how she went about it:

In particular, when it comes to stressing over food, weight, and body image, “I try to talk to others about the mistakes that I’ve made so that other people won’t make them.”

Body Measurements Of Victoria Niamh Spence 

Full Name: Victoria Niamh Spence
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer
ERA: 2010


  • Entrepreneur in fitness
  • Individual Trainer


Short Career Of Victoria Niamh Spence Victoria Niamh Spence

In her youth, Victoria Niamh Spence studied dancing. She attended a professional dancing college at the age of 16, having spent years honing her craft. But quickly, things started to go south.

Victoria grew to be “hyper-aware of my body” by the age of 18. She thought that having a flawless physique was the key to her success.

According to Victoria, “I felt that the only way I was going to succeed was if I had six-pack abs and lost the weight in my thighs.”

But Victoria’s quest for excellence quickly developed into an obsession. This eventually caused her to experience anorexia, a severe eating and self-image condition. ”

This very quickly morphed into an eating disorder, a fixation with the scales, and a very depressed me,” the author said. Vicky Niamh Spence

An Uphill Battle

Victoria was prepared to do virtually everything to reach her dance aspirations.

She started cutting back on her caloric intake, weighing herself three times per day and exercising 10 kilometers every evening. Naturally, she quickly lost a lot of weight as a result of this.

Victoria eventually hit her lowest weight of just 39 kg. She grew frightened, depressed, and dissatisfied with her existence as she started to understand what she had done to her body.

Victoria didn’t decide to change till the end of 2014. One day, she was staring at a photo of her wearing a bikini and showing off her malnourished body’s exposed bones.

Victoria decided to get help after being horrified by what she saw. She made touch with a therapist and started working on overcoming her problem.

An Expansion Of Her Eating Disorder: BodybuildingVictoria Niamh Spence

Victoria’s therapy sessions initially didn’t seem to be producing many positive effects. Victoria Niamh Spence wasn’t giving up, though. She gradually began to notice progress with the aid of her therapist and her willpower.

She eventually managed to regain a healthy weight and resume living a regular life. Victoria had to go over one more challenge, though.

Victoria started to grow interested in bodybuilding after regaining a healthy weight, particularly in bikini contests. She then started to go down once more at this point.

In the months leading up to her first competition, Victoria started to drastically lose weight. She discovered herself struggling with her eating disorder once more.

The Final Solution For Anorexia

Although it provided her a sense of control once more, Victoria adds, “I started competing in bikini competitions, where I was tracking macros and calories. In the end, I believe it was an eating problem under the surface.

Victoria, fortunately, was able to identify her issues early on. She underwent a significant behavior modification with the assistance of her partner to permanently overcome her disorder.

Strongly Recovering

At 58 kilograms, Victoria has reached a healthy weight and is content with her appearance.

She maintains her amazing physique by working out consistently in the gym and eating wholesome foods.

Using social media to share her message, she has gained notoriety in the fitness business as well. “I publish in the hope that someone out there feels the same and so they don’t feel alone anymore,” she says.

Training, (Fitness)

Victoria used to do a lot of cardio at first, but now she mainly works out with weights. She performs a lot of strenuous, multiple-joint motions, which help tonify and shape her body.

Victoria enjoys stretching after her workouts. This lessens the chance of damage while also assisting her in improving blood flow to her muscles.

Nutrition, (Fitness)

Victoria Niamh Spence now consumes a wholesome and nourishing diet. She doesn’t have any food restrictions, but she still watches her intake of fast food and sugars.

“Now I feel like I eat typical things, like spaghetti bolognaise, curries, and fajitas, which I make from scratch.”

Influences And Idols

Victoria attributes her recovery from her eating condition to her partner, Michael. Here is Victoria discussing Michael;

“He’s been incredible; he’s the first person to teach me what it was like to embrace who you are on the inside and helped me feel more confident,” the speaker said. Vicky Niamh Spence

What Could Victoria Niamh Spence Teach Us?

Victoria Niamh Spence has at least demonstrated to us that there is always a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Despite fighting a terrible eating disorder, she persisted. She overcame her demons by persistence, faith, and sheer force of will.

If Victoria has taught us anything, it’s to never let challenges get you down. Instead, use them as motivation to overcome your obstacles and emerge stronger than ever—just as Victoria Niamh Spence did.