Wayne Coetzee
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Who is Wayne Coetzee?

Photographer and professional bodybuilder Wayne Coetzee transitioned from documenting fitness models to becoming one himself.

Short Career of Wayne Coetzee

Wayne Coetzee has been a photographer for more than ten years, specializing in fitness and beauty. But he didn’t get serious about his passion for bodybuilding until he decided to compete for the first time in 2013.

“I decided to compete in Body Beautiful South Africa in 2012 to push my fitness to a new level. I won first place in the Model Plus category.

Body Measurements of Wayne Coetzee

Full Name: Wayne Coetzee 
DATE OF BIRTH: December 20, 1988
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: fitness model and professional bodybuilder
NATIONALITY: South African
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)

I participated in the WBFF, and I’m happy to report that I also took first place in the Muscle Model division (a larger one) and earned my Pro Card status.

Wayne Coetzee



  • 2013 Body Beautiful South Africa, Model Plus Division, 1st
  • 2013 WBFF South Africa, Muscle Model 1st – Pro Card
  • 2014 WBFF Worlds Las Vegas, Muscle Model, NP
  • 2016 WBFF Worlds Toronto, Pro Fitness, 9th

Biography of Wayne Coetzee

Image-based reporting

Wayne, who was born in Rustenburg, South Africa, had a penchant for physical training since he was a young child. But unlike other bodybuilders, he didn’t grow up to compete.

Instead, he decided to change his life’s course and dedicate himself to becoming a successful photographer.

Wayne obtained a career as a photojournalist to make ends meet after graduating from college since he was in severe need of a job to help him sustain himself in the real world.

Wayne began to feel upset about not being in the field he loved; he realized he had to change if he wanted to fulfill his dream of working in the fitness sector.

Fitness and Beauty Photography

Wayne quickly found his way into the fitness sector after quitting his job as a photojournalist. In 2012, he started working as a freelance beauty and fitness photographer, assisting athletes with portfolio photos.

Wayne started thinking about participating while he was working with various fitness models and bodybuilders. He was motivated by the physiques he was photographing and wanted to build a similar figure for himself.

The path to professional bodybuilding

Wayne didn’t wait long to compete in his debut competition in his native South Africa in 2012. He placed first, and impressively, walked away with the award.

Following a tremendously successful first performance, he competed in the 2013 WBFF South Africa.

Even though the federation and division in his second challenge were larger, he was still able to duplicate his earlier achievement by winning the event and earning his Pro Card.

He wanted more though.

Wayne participated in two more competitions between 2014 and 2016 while still on a high after turning pro.

He was disappointed not to have won, but he was proud of how far he had gone in the past four years given that his main passion had always been photography and that his bodybuilding career had always been a side gig.

Star of Social Media

With each competition, Wayne attracted more notice and grew his social media following rapidly. He had achieved online fame by 2018.

Training of Wayne Coetzee

Deadlifts are Wayne’s favorite exercise. It exercises every muscle in his body, which is why he considers it to be his favorite.

Legs are Wayne’s preferred body area to work out. Previously, his legs were less developed than the rest of his body. However, Wayne has worked hard to make them become one of his strongest muscular groups.

This is how he exercises his legs:

Wayne Coetzee Leg Workout

  • Single leg extensions, supersetted with double leg extensions
  • Single leg press
  • Double leg press (The last 5 reps are done as slowly as possible to achieve the ‘burn’)
  • Squats
  • Seated calf raises
  • Standing calf raises
  • Toe Press
  • Lunges

Wayne will take a short stroll in between sessions, making sure to contract his quadriceps to increase blood flow and muscular growth. He enjoys performing legs since he is aware that it is a skill he has worked extremely hard to master.

Wayne’s Beginner’s Fitness Advice

According to Wayne, there are a few things he would do differently if he were to begin training again. One would be to spend more time learning the proper supplement usage techniques.

He did triumph in several of his WBFF contests, but he did so without the aid of supplements. He thinks that if he made use of them, he would accomplish even more remarkable outcomes.

Wayne also strongly supports finding a personal coach and a training partner. Because they could have accelerated his learning of the bodybuilding trade.

Wayne also suggests that aspiring bodybuilders never skimp on their nourishment. Even though rigorous exercise helps develop and shape muscles, Wayne claims that whether or not those muscles are visible is largely dependent on food.

The final piece of advice is to set and stick to a goal. Wayne advises people to have faith in themselves despite others’ skepticism. Remember, impossible is nothing, he adds. With a positive outlook, anything is possible.


When competing, Wayne enjoys measuring all of his macros. He maintains complete control over his growth and body weight in this way. Additionally, he maintains his weight year-round, which makes it simpler for him to train for competitions.

Lean chicken breast, top-notch beef, some pork, a lot of leafy greens, avocados, some brown rice, and a little bit of fruit make up the majority of his diet.

Wayne’s important weight management strategies include drinking lots of water whenever he feels hungry, maintaining a small daily caloric deficit, and increasing protein to prevent muscle loss.

But as the year progresses, Wayne’s diet may vary, particularly as he moves from the “in-season” to the “off-season.” He might now permit himself to consume more to bulk up and gain weight.

Wayne Coetzee

Wayne’s Stack of Supplements

Pre-workouts and fat burners are popular among Wayne’s friends. When he is getting ready for a show, these supplements enable him to work harder and shed weight more quickly.

He also uses whey protein, glutamine, and CLA addition to these. When he is desiring sugar, he adores taking flavored protein.

He only needs to combine it with water and place it in his refrigerator for around 30 minutes to create a flavorful pudding.

Influences and Idols

Lazar Angelov and Phil Heath are two other fitness models who Wayne admires. The reason why is due to both their extraordinary physical attributes and their accomplishment.

“My passion for fitness still grows at an exponential rate. For this reason, I’ve become one of the very few people to never have worked a day in my life, because when you do what you love, it is never called work.”

What Wayne Coetzee can teach us?

Wayne Coetzee has shown us that you shouldn’t be content to sit back and watch while others achieve their goals. He transitioned from capturing bodybuilders and fitness models on camera to becoming one himself.

One lesson we can learn from Wayne is that everything is possible if you are motivated to achieve your goals.

Wayne’s Purpose

According to Wayne Coetzee, he finds motivation in assisting others in realizing their potential. He’s discovered that the more success he has personally, the more he can motivate others.

Of course, seeing results after a strict diet and rigorous exercise is the best and most motivating thing. Wayne Coetzee