Wendy Fortino
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Who is Wendy Fortino?

A professional figure competitor from the USA, Wendy Fortino. She is well-known for both her achievements on the IFBB stage and her strong, muscular appearance. She has competed in the Olympics three times.

Early Life of Wendy Fortino

Wendy Fortino has been competitive since she was 7 years old. Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with being in good shape.

In order to feel strong and avoid being abused by the lads, I loved winning arm wrestling matches and push-up competitions, as well as flaunting some arm definition.

She distinguished herself in sports like competitive gymnastics and later track & field.

However, Wendy suffered an injury in 2008 while competing in a track event. Wendy had to put an end to her career in track since the injury was so severe.

As a result, she began looking for another sport to quench her competitive “thirst” and soon after, she discovered fitness.

Since that time, Wendy hasn’t turned around. She entered the weightlifting and competitive worlds quite fast, qualifying as a pro at the 2011 NPC USA Championships and making her debut at the famous Figure Olympia in 2014.

“My concentration on one item has proven to be my hardest obstacle to conquer.

As I get older, I am able to concentrate on fewer things, but because I am constantly moving in a variety of directions, it has never been easy for me to understand how far I can go in just one subject.

Body Measurements of Wendy Fortino

Full Name: Wendy Fortino
WEIGHT: 115-125 lbs (52.2-56.7 kg)
ERA: 2000, 2010
PROFESSION: Professional Figure Competitor, Physiologist

Wendy Fortino


  • Exercise Physiology (graduate degree)

Contest History


Day of Training

Wendy typically wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and works out in her home gym for 45 to 60 minutes. She then leaves for work. Wendy goes to the gym after work to exercise, never doing the same routine twice.

A protein shake and a substantial supper are consumed after her workout to help her muscles recover. She will perform one additional aerobic workout in the evening, which will typically last 30 minutes.

Wendy performs this program four or five times per week, followed by one or two days of relaxation. Even on those recovery days, she will exercise to burn fat and improve her general health.

“I also practice my gymnastics skills 3-4 times/week. I work with my coach at least once a week. I train very hard.”

Pushing Through Plateaus

Wendy said she knew she needed to make a change when she hit her first training plateau in order to keep progressing.

She made the decision to radically alter her exercise program, and as soon as she did, her body began to respond once more.

Wendy’s Top 3 Body Parts

  1. Legs
  2. Glutes
  3. Shoulders


Healthy Eating

Wendy Fortino always makes sure to eat nutrient-dense foods, a lot of protein, and a lot of healthy fats, whether or not she is training for a competition.

She claims that rather than favoring one diet over another, she prefers to create her own special diet that aids in both fat loss and muscle gain.

Off-Season vs. In-Season

Wendy allows herself to put on between five and seven pounds during the off-season. She claims that she never permits herself to weigh more than 120 pounds; her ideal weight is approximately 115 pounds.

Wendy aims to reduce her body weight to about 110 pounds before competitions; this is typically the lowest she will go.

Overall, Wendy’s weight fluctuates between 5 and 10 pounds depending on the season. She does this by staying away from processed and sugary meals and by eating a diet high in fiber, which aids in fat loss.

“My dietary philosophy is to eat healthily all year round, not just before competitions,”

Favorite Cuisines

Tilapia with brown rice and Brussels sprouts is Wendy’s go-to healthy dish. Peanut butter or any other high-calorie butter is her go-to indulgence.


  • L-Carnitine
  • COQ-10
  • Protein
  • Pre-Workout

Wendy Fortino

Influences and Idols

The fitness industry professionals Wendy knows directly are her favorites. Wendy said, “I like to get to know someone that I admire because it makes the experience of admiration more real.

Ray Are and Mark Byers, who are both professional bodybuilders and her close pals, are two of her idols in the industry. She looks up to them because they overcame some of their own obstacles to achieve success.

“I believe the most important thing that an athlete can have in this sport is a giant piece of humble pie.

In this sport, we all train hard, follow a strict diet, and have aspirations to succeed and to be the best.

Some athletes may have better resources and better genetics, but that doesn’t make them ‘better’ than another athlete who maybe hasn’t had the exposure or the victories.

In fact, some of the athletes who are the most knowledgeable, and we should be admiring the most, may not even be the ones achieving top honors!”

What Wendy Fortino can teach us?

When Wendy Fortino was forced to give up her track and field career due to an injury, she went through a challenging time in her life.

She soon discovered competitive fitness and became so skilled at the sport that she forgot about her prior issues with track & field, but this didn’t stop her from pushing forward and becoming successful.

If Wendy’s example teaches us anything, it should be to never give up in the face of adversity. Learn to see the challenges you face in life as opportunities to succeed by overcoming them, just like Wendy Fortino did.