Sugar free diet

Do you want to shed your excess body fat? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you find it hard to resist sweet foods? Then you must try the sugar free diet to lose weight.

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What is the Sugar free diet?

Health experts have warned that sugars are bad for health. And in order to lose weight, reduction of sugars help in faster lessening of the excess body weight. Sugars have a lot of negative impact on our body and health. But we ignore how much of sugars we take in each day. Also, we are unaware of how much of hidden sugars goes into our body from processed and packaged foods.

Sugar free diet
The Sugar free diet (Source: Very well fit)

Thus, a sugar free diet is a diet with cut out sugars. It is one of the diet plans for weight management as well as health management. It is an effective, safe and healthy way to lose weight without resorting to any extreme or severely restricted diets.

The exact diet plan

The sugar free plan for dieting is a 7 days long plan. On days 1 to 3, your sugar consumption is zero. And on days 4 to 7, you can add one sweet food or dessert in the evening. This can be a fruit salad, a yoghurt or a fromage frais with stewed fruit.

On the first 3 days, there has no be no sugars in food or drink, no dessert and no fruits. All sorts of juices, squashes or diet colas are also prohibited. One can drink unsweetened tea or coffee. There should be no artificial sweeteners in them. Moreover, milk and plain water is allowed.

Sugar free diet
The Sugar free diet (Source: Dr. Axe)

Additionally, foods with hidden sugars such as sauces, ketchup, and the like should be avoided. Complex carbs such as unsweetened cereals at breakfast are OK. One should have lots of vegetables, meat, fish and eggs in meals.

By doing this, your intake of sugar decreases. The calories from the foods is less. The other foods you take will be rich in proteins and dietary fiber and keep you full for longer time. Thus, overall your intake of food also decreases and you manage to lose weight.

Side effects of sugar on the body

Sugar has a bad reputation. It leads to body inflammation and this paves the way for many health disorders. Dee Momi, nutritionist and founder of MINT Wellbeing explains on this:

“From the most obviously visible – weight gain (particularly around the belly area), a higher risk of developing acne and fluctuating moods – to the more critical, including increasing your risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.”

Sugar free diet
Foods with Hidden sugars (Source: Clean eating kitchen)

Further, Dishalni Senthilkumaran, nutrition researcher at Brain Freed Ltd states:

Excess sugar can have an inflammatory effect on the brain’s memory centre and can be an increased risk factor in cognitive decline, whilst a 2017 study at UCL also sugar increases the likelihood of anxiety and depression.”

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Moreover, sugars can deplete other nutrients in the body such as magnesium. Initially, sugar causes a rush followed by fatigue. Dishalni elaborates:

Sugar triggers your reward and pleasure chemical dopamine, which is released when you derive pleasure from great food, sex and a sense of accomplishment. Excess dopamine can reduce novelty and prompt impulsive behaviour.”

They also cause tooth decays and bad oral hygiene.