Cloud bread

Cloud bread recipes are trending on TikTok. More and more people want to recreate it in their kitchen and enjoy it. What is cloud bread? Is it healthy?

Cloud bread: the trending bread on TikTok

TikTok platform has become the latest social media platform to share information and recipes about food. Some are interesting and healthy but some have nutritional disadvantages and can even be harmful.

The latest trending topic on this platform is cloud bread. What is cloud bread?

Cloud bread
Cloud bread (Source: Momtastic)

We are all aware of the daily bread that we have for breakfast. It is made of wheat flour: refined or whole wheat flour. It has soda bicarb in it and this makes the bread dough swell in the oven.

Hence the bread turns out fluffy and soft suitable for eating and digestion. But cloud bread is made out of egg whites, corn starch, dairy product, and sugar.

It is high in fats and low in carbs and thus suitable as part of keto diets. The bread was invented by TikTok user @linqanaaa.

The user used egg whites, corn starch, and sugar and whipped it before putting it into the oven for baking at 300 degrees F.

More on this keto bread

Cloud bread is a high-protein alternative to regular bread. But it has low carbs and is high in fats. Due to this, keto dieters can incorporate this bread into their diet and also make sandwiches for them.

It can be made in different ways and the ingredients might vary slightly. But the result is a low-carb, high-fat, high-protein bread. To make it, one can whip the egg whites into an airy texture. One can add cream of tartar to achieve the right texture.

Cloud bread
Keto cloud bread (Source: A spicy preservative)

Add egg yolks and full-fat dairy products such as cottage cheese or yogurt. Put this mixture onto a baking tray in small circles. Bake it until it sets well. And the bread is ready to eat. It has a soft chewy texture akin to regular bread.

The texture is like bread but the taste is not like it. Hence it is only if you are craving to bite into bread when on a keto diet.

Is it healthy?

This special bread has fewer or no carbs. Hence it has low calories. These are half the amount in a normal bread of similar weight. Since it is made from full-fat dairy ingredients, it is high in saturated fats.

Additionally, the bread is low in fiber content. It also lacks some essential nutrients that a whole-grain bread would ideally provide.

This bread is not a natural substitute for bread. It will not help in weight loss either despite being low carb and low calories bread.

Cloud bread
Cloud bread (Source: I am a food blog)

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It could be useful for keto diet lovers and followers. But if one wants to have low-carb bread, this cloud bread is not a healthy option. Instead one can choose bread made with whole grains or sprouted grains bread.

This has fewer fats and more nutrients and is more healthy.