Lion diet

Lion diet is a new diet trend on TikTok that users claim to benefit health. The listed benefits are innumerable. What exactly is a lion diet? Are there any health benefits? Is it safe?

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What is a lion diet?

A lion diet is a diet that has gone viral on the social media platform of TikTok. In this, the user has to eat like a lion. That means that the person following the diet subsists on red meat, salt and water only. The red meat is of ruminant animals.

The diet is high in saturated fats. Mikhaila Peterson, a lifestyle blogger and podcast host created this diet.

Lion diet
The Lion diet (Source: Paleo Fx)

Mikhaila claims that she was able to improve her health and overcome problems with this diet. The website claims that the diet can boost energy levels, mental health, and also overcome digestive and autoimmune issues.

The diet has similarity to the Carnivore diet. In the latter diet, one only consumes meat, poultry, and fish. But the lion diet is even more restrictive. In this only red meat from ruminant animals is allowed. These include cows, sheep and deer.

Health benefits

There are just anecdotes of health benefits related to this diet. People who followed it claimed that it removed their headaches and insomnia. Some said that it improved their mood and helped them overcome intolerance to foods.

There are no clearcut guidelines on the duration of the diet. But most users state that one has to follow the diet until symptoms subside and then slowly reintroduce other foods. Mikhaila claims that you may need to adhere to this diet for several weeks before readdition of other foods to it.

Lion diet
The Lion diet (Source: New York post)

The diet is not intended for weight loss. But it does cause weight loss because all sugars and carbs are out. Moreover, fats are of the unhealthy type.

Claudia Le Feuvre, Goldster nutritional therapist and eating psychology coach says:

“Beef is a very low allergenic food so while the lion diet might feel like an easy and good solution for people with IBS, underlying food intolerances, and inflammation triggered by the food allergens. it is not a long-term or healthy solution.”

Diet Risks

The diet is highly restrictive and low in calories. There are no scientific studies on it. Claudia states:

The biggest risk is that if you’re only eating beef, you are missing out on other nutrients like healthy fats, fibre and all the vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables.  In the long run, you could develop a significant nutrient deficiency.”

Lion diet
The Lion diet (Source: Yahoo news)

She adds:

“We don’t know the long-term consequences of this diet, but we know that salt is not helpful for fluid retention and blood pressure, so I wouldn’t recommend people to try out this trend.”

“I understand that people are doing it because it provides temporary relief from some of their symptoms, but there are far more superior ways of identifying and addressing underlying food intolerances and what the triggers are.”

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Other long term problems include bad breath or halitosis, high blood cholesterol, piles, constipation, and low energy.