Andrew Schulz
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Stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz has a knack for captivating audiences with his charisma, confidence, and humor.

But even this self-assured man stumbled when Andrew Schulz got down on one knee to marry his wife, Emma Turner.

The comedian was unable to speak during one of the most significant events in his life, despite being able to deliver his punchlines and act flawlessly in front of a live audience.

When Andrew Schulz Proposed To His Wife, He Was Nervous

Schulz is a comedian in addition to hosting podcasts. He discussed how he got engaged to his then-fiancée in one of the episodes of his podcast Flagrant 2.

He told the other presenters about the proposal he made to his girlfriend at her preferred eatery.

The worried comedian had memorized the proposal lines that he had typed down on his phone. He was so certain he would make a mistake.

He even knelt on one knee to propose as easygoing as possible.

But eventually, when his anxiety took over, he made a mistake. He eventually said, “Will you spend the least of your time with me,” rather than asking Emma if she would spend the rest of her life with him?

Emma, however, agreed because, as they say, “all’s well that ends well.”

Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz (Pinterest)

In 2021, Andrew Married His Wife

One year after their engagement, in December 2021, Schulz wed his beloved.

While his partner chose a white strapless mermaid wedding gown, the comedian sported a white tuxedo and matching black tie.

He even gave himself a bronze-green Porsche as a wedding present before the big day.

Later, Schulz announced his marriage to his bride on Instagram. He shared several images and videos from the event.

What an extremely lovely bride, he commented in one picture that highlighted his wife.

Even his “amazing collection of friends and relatives” received praise from him for coming to their wedding and making time for them.

He said, “It meant everything to us,” and he and his bride “celebrated like it was our last.”

Andrew Schulz Shares Wife’s Photos On Time

The New York-based podcaster hasn’t fully cut his wife out of his social media posts because she frequently appears in them. Photos from the couple’s travels across the world are available on Schulz’s Instagram account.

Along with pictures from their travels abroad, he also revealed one of their Halloween costumes, in which they wore Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton costumes.

Another image shows the stand-up comedian marketing his merchandise alongside Emma and a dog model. He made light of the fact that his fiance is commanding the dog to sit by telling him to.

Look how demanding my fiancé is—not just toward me, but also as a helpless dog model. Please contact PETA.

Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz (Pinterest)

Andrew Desires A Child for His Family

Schulz has frequently stated his wish to have children.

He makes jokes on his postings as a comedian by asking whether someone is prepared to become pregnant with his child. But can we take the advice of a comedian seriously? possibly not

But if he did catch baby fever, it can be treated now that he’s married!

The Wife of Andrew Schulz is a Certified Pilates Professional

The comedian has shielded his partner’s personal information from view.
Because Emma has private social media accounts, the only way to learn some things about her is through other individuals, like her mother.

She was the subject of a conversation between her mother Kristin and Yoga Poses Asana.

Emma, her youngest kid, has a BASI Pilates certification, but she wasn’t teaching, she said.

They were highlighted in a Pilates Style article titled “A Family Affair,” which also featured three generations of Pilates practitioners.

Emma is presently occupied with pursuing her MBA at NYU Stern School of Business, according to her LinkedIn profile.