Alzheimer’s disease is an increasing old age problem. It can cause memory loss and cognitive decline. The affected people also suffer from mood changes. The person’s day to day activities are affected and can be dangerous. But there is one antioxidants rich beverage that is brain and mood boosting.

Which is this beverage? Dr. David Seitz who is the medical director at Ascendant Detox enlightens people on it. And most doctors agree on this point.

Age and cognitive decline

There are increasing cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that are present in the world. Elderly and aged people are affected with it. These people suffer from memory lapses and their cognitive function deteriorates. There are associated mood swings. The person might have depression or anxiety attacks.

There is a lot of research ongoing in this field. But researchers have been unable to pinpoint the root cause of it. Brain biopsies and autopsies have revealed that there are amyloid deposits in certain areas of the brain in these people.

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Risk factors for it have been unveiled. These include processed foods, foods with less nutrients, and those that have less of antioxidants in them. These foods speeden the cognitive decline and reduce concentration and memory. Therefore, avoiding them would be one way to slow the process.

And the other way would be to increase the intake of brain protective foods. There is one beverage that can boost brain health. Dr. David Seitz is the medical director at Ascendant Detox. He feels that the antioxidant rich beverage, green tea is highly effective in preventing or slowing the brain decline with age. It can reduce stress and improve focus. Many doctors are in agreement on this vital role of green tea. More details on it follow below.

Health benefits of the beverage green tea

Green tea is a great and tasty way to begin your day. It has a lot of benefits for the body including in weight management, for heart protection and the metabolic system of the body. Moreover, it has brain protective effects too. These include:

Reduction of stress and mood upliftment

Green tea has L-theanine that can elevate mood, reduce stress and make you sleep better. David explains:

L-theanine helps increase the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps regulate mood, focus, memory, and other cognitive processes,”

Moreover, this beverage increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine which are the happy hormones of the body.

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Reduction of age related brain decline

This tea has polyphenols in it. And these polyphenols possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They reduce chronic inflammation and thus bring down cognitive function decline with age. David opines:

“These polyphenols can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and damage due to free radicals, which are known to be a major contributor to age-related cognitive decline,”

Improvement in focus

Green tea can enhance concentration and focus. It has caffeine in it which does this function to boost the alertness and focus.

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But David cautions:

These brain-boosting benefits of green tea are most effective when combined with a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and plenty of rest,”