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Who is BadBoyHalo?

An American YouTuber named BadBoyHalo became well-known for his use of the hit game “Minecraft.” He has been developing his online presence since 2012 and is currently one of the most well-known “Minecraft” players, hosting his own server He was a part of the YouTube group Trio, which also included Skeppy and a6d, and owned the channel where their gaming videos were posted. Skeppy currently oversees the channel, which goes by the name SkeppysLab.

Bio, Education

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No further details about him, such as his state or city of birth, are known. However, BadBoyHalo was born Darryl Noveschosch on April 2, 1995, and although he doesn’t appear to be a single child, he does have a brother and a sister. His educational background is likewise unknown, but given that he has mastered video games, we can assume that he spent more time playing them than doing his homework, studying, or going to college.

Channel On YouTube

He started his YouTube channel in May 2015 and uploaded his first video the same month, which was a “Minecraft” gameplay in which he won the “Hunger Games” tournament, marking the beginning of his playing. He has always been interested in video games, particularly “Minecraft,” so this is not surprising. Up until he launched his server,, he kept posting films with similar content. He started concentrating more on creating videos for the server, such as various kit reviews and kept uploading new ones virtually every day. He also started the Let’s Play series.

Become More Prominent

BadBoyHalo was growing in popularity thanks to new developments in his gaming business. He began making friends with other YouTubers, and Skeppy and a6d specifically became his close friends and coworkers. Together, they began playing the game “Minecraft,” creating new mods and servers. Eventually, BadBoyHalo founded his own Minecraft server, His career took off after the server’s growth, and today he is among the most well-known Minecraft players. Additionally, his server has more than 100 active users.

BadBoyHalo is a well-known YouTuber with more than 600,000 subscribers and more than 30 million views on his channel.

The Group

Skeppy, a6d, and he grew their friendship into a full-time partnership, and in 2019, they established The Trio as their channel. Together, they would stream content, primarily gameplays but also humorous and thought-provoking podcasts on a range of subjects. Since then, though, his pal Skeppy has seized control of the channel, removed the previous content, and started uploading his own under the name SkeyppysLab.

Nicknames, Memes, And Controversy

Skeppy and BadBoyHalo have developed a good friendship and have teased each other along the way to make their journey to stardom even more fun. With great friendship comes even more fooling about. BaldBoyHalo and “I’m a Ping Spoofer” are two memes that Skeppy invented. Other nicknames and memes Skeppy had in store for the fellow gamer included Poop Serer and Quack, among others.

BadBoyHalo Face Reveal

Do you know what a favorite video game character looks like?

BadBoyHalo was very private about his appearance and other aspects of his life, such as his hometown, but he was unable to conceal his face. Although inadvertent, one of the Trio podcasts accidentally revealed his face. He was initially reluctant to disclose himself, but as he grew closer to his buddies, everything became clear.

Body Structure

Since releasing his initial video, BadBoyHalo has amassed some notoriety. His success has had a significant impact on his money, and as of the middle of 2020, sources estimate that his net worth is above $1 million.

Net Worth

Skeppy, a buddy of his, is rumored to be worth $1.4 million. The sales of his products, which include t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, hats, and beanies, are another source of income for BadBoyHalo.

Halo is famed for his height, although his height is the only known aspect of his body. He has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Relationship Status

BadBoyHalo (Pinterest)

Since the release of his first video, there have been many rumors concerning his sexual orientation.

His close relationship with Skeppy has sparked some speculation, but you can make up your mind about whether or not the speculation was warranted by looking for yourself. The two have been featured in a ton of fan-made videos, and they have even been given many titles as a couple, but Skephalo sticks out. However, Skeppy and BadBoyHalo both admitted that they feel uneasy about the prospect of dating. Additionally, BadBoyHalo hinted that he might be dating someone in one of the videos, though he made no further mention of it.

BadBoyHalo News, Information

In addition to the fantastic adventures he has in his video games, BadBoyHalo has also had some awful adventures in real life. He was involved in a car accident that knocked out electricity for a large number of people. He also suppressed his birthdate for many years before finally admitting that he was born on April 2nd. He previously used the name TheSaintsofGames for his YouTube channel before settling on BadBoyHalo.

On his channel, he had just recently surpassed 600,000 subscribers, and as of the end of June 2020, that number had already risen to 640,000.