Jocelyn Chew
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Jocelyn Chew: Who Is She?

Jocelyn Chew, a model best known for appearing in the inaugural season of the modeling competition show “The Face,” was born on May 15, 1992, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Since then, she has served as a model for several prestigious companies, such as American Eagle and Ralph Lauren. Additionally, she has taken promotional trips and catwalk presentations all over the world.

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Amount Of Jocelyn Chew’s Wealth

Jocelyn Chew is a successful model who has received high-paying contracts from agencies including Wilhelmina Models and Industry Los Angeles. As of early 2020, it is anticipated that she will have a net worth of over $300,000.

Through social media, she also keeps a strong online presence, which has increased her income and opened up professional prospects for her.

Early Years And Professional Beginnings

Jocelyn Chew, who is of Chinese and Icelandic ancestry, was raised in Canada. Her peculiar Asian/European mixed appearance (Eurasian) is a result of the blending of civilizations, and it benefits her professionally. She was raised primarily in the country on a farm. She developed a drive for and a love of extreme sports and activities as a result.

After graduating from high school, she decided that becoming a model was what she desired, so she set out to explore the world in search of chances to break into the business.

Before attempting various prospects in Greece, she worked as a model for some time in Singapore and Hong Kong. Jocelyn Chew eventually relocated to New York, which is known as one of the world’s fashion capitals.

There, she was given more chances to work on campaigns for companies like Guess and Forever 21. The latter is a Los Angeles-based business that is well-known for its “quick fashion,” which refers to the company’s efforts to introduce the most recent fashion trends immediately to the retail market.

As Chew’s fame grew, she started to appear in several well-known print publications, such as “Seventeen” and “Cosmopolitan,” an international magazine that primarily targets female readers.

Though it began as a family magazine before evolving into what it is today, the magazine has been around since the late 1800s.

Jocelyn Chew eventually discovered a chance to soar much higher and perhaps even achieve supermodel status when she noticed casting calls for the reality series “The Face.”

Three supermodels who serve as the show’s coaches are followed as they search for the newest face to represent a significant company. It is the supermodels’ responsibility to select the contenders for the challenge.

These models compete against each other during challenges even if they are on separate teams. They frequently participate in test runway displays, advertising, and photo shoots.Jocelyn Chew

The winner of each test or challenge advances in the competition and is protected from elimination. Since there are no set guidelines for eliminating models, eliminations have received the most criticism.

The client selects the winner from among the remaining competitors after the finalists compete in one last photoshoot and catwalk presentation.

After The Face, Life

Jocelyn Chew competed in the first season of “The Face,” finishing fifth overall out of 12 contestants.

One of the initial six supermodels picked by the fashion industry, Naomi Campbell, who rose to renown in the 1980s and 1990s, was selected and served as her mentor. Working with her and learning from one of the most seasoned models in the business was enjoyable for Jocelyn.Jocelyn Chew

She earned more modeling possibilities after her performance on the show by signing with Wilhelmina Models, as well as with Next Models in Miami and Industry Models in Los Angeles.

Her stylish versatility allowed her to don a variety of clothes, including gowns, bikinis, beachwear, and jeans. She can show both a more innocent appearance as well as a ferocious appearance.

She frequently travels for work and was just featured by “Cosmopolitan” once more.

As shown on her Instagram account, she also maintains a significant online presence and frequently posts sponsored content in addition to her normal work. She has collaborated with brands like Power Rager Tech and Lumiere De Vie.

Other Initiatives

In addition to modeling, Chew has a strong interest in lifestyle and fashion, which inspired her to launch the blog Jet Set Joce.

With so much work on her plate, she chose to terminate the blog and erase it, even though it was intended as a platform for her to express her creativity about travel, fashion, and food.

Instead, she focused on YouTube, where she started a channel in 2019. On this channel, which doubles as a video blog (vlog), she discusses many topics, including make-up, hair, home tours, and the high-end clothing she has.

She even made a video on what’s inside her handbag. Despite being relatively new, the channel has more than 10,000 subscribers, may be attracted by the fact that she also features other models.

She doesn’t post frequently; the only consistent thing is a video every month. Jocelyn has also stated a desire to begin, and even though her only acting credit to date is from her role in “The Face,” she has already started promoting herself as an actress. Time will tell if that curiosity leads to her landing other roles.

Individual Life

Jesse Waits, a popular Instagram user, and Chew previously dated. He appears to be a motocross driver who travels to competitions all over the world based on his posts. Without mentioning their breakup in any way, the two quietly dissolved their relationship.

She was subsequently linked to rapper Diddy in 2018 when the two were photographed together in Miami and at a Drake concert.

Due to Diddy’s recent split from his longtime wife, this drew some criticism. However, neither admitted being in a relationship and, after a few dates, appeared to have moved on.

Jocelyn has acknowledged that she doesn’t much enjoy romances and that she gets bored easily. She wants to be constantly active and doesn’t do well with leisure, which is one of the reasons she enjoys traveling.

She doesn’t seem to mind the paparazzi or the haters all that much, and she frequently ignores them when she runs into them in the street.