Laura Loomer
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Journalist, political activist, and internet personality from the United States Laura Loomer was born on May 21, 1993, in North Miami. (USA). She was a correspondent with The Rebel Media. It’s a Canadian far-right website. Nonetheless, she resigned from her position in 2017.

Laura Loomer

Laura was employed by James O’ Keefe to work on Project Veritas. She claims that immigration is a major threat to America. She proudly identifies as a patriot. She has, however, edited several covert videos for James. She is adept at utilizing social media sites. Furthermore, her full name at birth was Laura Loomer.

Her Twitter account has 260,000 followers. Loomer’s account was later suspended. She made derogatory remarks. She also criticized Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota legislator. She has referred to Ilhan as anti-Semitic. She now argues that nothing she tweeted violated Twitter’s terms of service.

Laura Loomer’s Childhood, Parents, And Profile

On May 21, 1993, this Republican activist was born in North Miami. (Florida, United States) Laura Loomer is 25 years old right now. She grew up in the state of Arizona. In truth, she attended Mount Holyoke College.

Laura went on to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She then applied to Barry University. She is a devout Jew who observes her faith. Laura currently resides in New York City (New York, USA).

Unknown Facts About Laura Loomer

  • She has been referred to as a “far-right provocateur” by the prestigious Fortune magazine.
  • She advances several views regarding the Parkland, Florida, Texas, and other mass shootings.
  • She also says that ISIS was engaged in the shooting in Las Vegas.
  • She frequently uses her camera to capture chats involving ISIS.
  • This occurred on the campus of Barry University.
  • Loomer did sign Chelsea Clinton’s book “She Persisted.”
  • The book was then provided to Bill Clinton’s accuser Juanita Broaddrick (Former US President).
  • In June 2017, she organized a protest against sharia in New York City.

Laura Loomer

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