Who is Lyliana Wray? Net Worth, Partner, Biography

Lyliana Wray
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Who is Lyliana Wray?

Lyliana Wray was born on December 30, 2004, in Los Angeles, California, and has American citizenship. Lyliana is a Capricorn. She is an actress who rose to fame in 2016 after being chosen to play Angel, one of the main characters, in the action comedy “Maximum Ride,” which also starred Allie Marie Evans and Patrick Johnson. In the movie, a group of children with wings must fight wolf boys who have abducted the youngest member of their group and are attempting to return her to the same institution that gave birth to her.

Despite Lyliana Wray receiving plaudits for her performance, the film didn’t get very good reviews.

Parents, Education, And Childhood

Lyliana Wray
Lyliana Wray(Pinterest)

Lyliana and her older brother are being raised in Los Angeles by their parents, who work in the entertainment industry. Lyliana’s mother is an actress who performs in plays, while her father, who isn’t as gifted as Lyliana and her mother, has only appeared in a few plays.

Before starting kindergarten, Lyliana was already interested in performing thanks to her parents’ frequent theater outings.

At the age of 10, Lyliana was invited to make her debut in a film when she was cast as Savannah Knowles in the thriller “Girl Missing,” which starred Kiersten Warren, Francesca Eastwood, and Frederico Dordei. The film is about a girl who was abandoned by her mother after she was born, and Lyliana joined the drama club and started acting in plays as soon as she started attending elementary school.

Lyliana’s parents have given her permission to pursue her acting career while also allowing her to finish her academics in the hopes that she may one day apply to colleges. Lyliana started attending a local high school in 2019, and after she graduates in 2023, she plans to start going to college.

Acting Profession

In the short fantasy film “Albedo Absolute,” which was written by William Brookfield and directed by Vlad Marsavin, and featured Boti Bliss, Hannah McCloud, and Gabriel Olds, Lyliana played her first starring role. The film follows two curious girls who go out on a journey they won’t be returning from.

The short film was a success in the US and was nominated for and won five awards.

She made a cameo appearance as Naya in the romantic comedy “The Night Shift” episode “Family Matters” in 2017. The episode starred Eoin Macken, Jill Flint, and Brendan Fehr and followed a group of Army doctors as they arrived to serve the third shift in a San Antonio hospital. The comedy series “Black-ish,” which has been airing since 2013, has become a huge hit in the US and has won 61 awards, including a Golden Globe for Tracee Ellis Ross for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy, and has been nominated for 173 other awards. In the 2018 episode “North Star,” Lyliana played Riley.

Also in 2018, Lyliana appeared in three episodes of the mystery series “Strange Angel” as Young Susan. Lyliana’s most recent role was as Rachel Carpenter in the 2019 family fantasy miniseries “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” which also starred Sam Ashe Arnold and Miya Cech. The series is about the Midnight Society, whose members tell frightening stories, but things change when the terrible events from the stories begin happening.

Lyliana recently received a role in the next action film “Top Gun: Maverick,” which will star Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, and Val Kilmer and be released on July 2, 2021.

Relationship Status

Lyliana is a very outgoing girl who enjoys interacting with others. Although she often gets along well with the famous actors and actresses she works with in her films and TV shows, Lyliana still loves to spend her leisure time with her two best buddies. Lyliana also has two close male friends.

Many of Lyliana’s fans have stated that the two are only close friends because she is still too young to be dating. According to the rumors, Lyliana and the boy are the same age and met in high school. Lyliana and the boy can be seen together in some of the pictures Lyliana has uploaded to her Instagram account.

Lyliana hasn’t addressed the speculations about her love life, therefore as of August 2020, she is unmarried, hasn’t been married, and has never had kids.

Activities And Other Passions

Summer is her favorite season because she enjoys feeling the sun on her face and swimming in both rivers and the ocean. Lyliana engages in a lot of physical activity since she practices yoga, plays tennis and soccer at school, and meditates with her friends.

She has a pet dog who frequently appears in the photos she posts to her Instagram account. She loves animals.

Lyliana is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and although her parents forbid her from joining the crowds during rallies, she has nevertheless demonstrated on her own in the street while holding signs that read, “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and a closed fist.

Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are Lyliana’s favorite actors and actresses, and “The Last Samurai,” “Top Gun,” and “Notting Hill” are some of her favorite films to watch. She enjoys listening to pop music, and some of her favorite artists include Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga.

Body Structure And Net Worth

Lyliana Wray
Lyliana Wray(Pinterest)

Lyliana stands at 5 feet, 1.52 meters, and weighs approximately 100 pounds. She has long brown hair and blue eyes (45kgs).

She will be 15 years old in August 2020, and her net worth is expected to be above $400,000.