Nadia Parkes
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Nadia Parkes is a British actress who was born on December 31, 1996, in London, England, under the sign of Capricorn. She made her acting debut in “The Spanish Princess” in 2019 and rose to stardom as a result of her romantic relationship with famed actor Tom Holland.

Early Years

Nadia Parkes
Nadia Parkes (Pinterest)

Nadia Parkes childhood, interests, family, and early schooling are all unknown.

Parkes studied drama at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and graduated in 2018.


First Steps

Nadia Parkes performed in several plays while at university, beginning with Cissy in “Punk Rock,” then Suki in “Celebration,” and Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Before graduating, she played Grumio in “The Taming of the Shrew,” and she was Clientele Whipped, the MC in “Cabaret,” directed by Birgitte Staermose.

Parkes is presently represented by Independent Talent, though it is uncertain when she was signed to the agency.

Debut On TV

Her first significant television appearance was as Rosa de Vargas in the series “The Spanish Princess.” The mini-series is based on Philippa Gregory’s books “The Constant Princess” from 2005 and “The King’s Curse” from 2014, and is a sequel to “The White Queen.”

Regarding the audition process for the series, Nadia mentioned in an interview that she was initially attempting to be cast as Catherine, the series’ protagonist.

Although she wasn’t the right match for the part, Nadia’s real naivety as a novice actress convinced the Director that she was the perfect Rosa de Vargas, one of Catherine’s ladies in waiting. The production staff phoned her again days later to audition, and she was finally cast the next week.

The miniseries “The Spanish Princess” is based on the life of Catherine of Aragon, who married Henry VIII and became Queen of England. Catherine, who was born in Spain, struggled to adjust to her new existence in a strange land while also keeping the peace between the two kingdoms.

Rosa’s character is frequently seen as nice and clueless, attributes that Nadia found similar to her own: ‘I felt like there was a small mirroring between the character and me.’ When she arrives in England, she is curious, and I am quite curious, so when I got to the set, I developed with her.’

Nadia received crucial experience as a novice actress throughout the six-month filming process: ‘She was learning the ways of England and I was learning as an actor, like the ropes of the world on the set, and I left a different person that I came,’ she says.

The first season of “The Spanish Princess” received a 0.06 point average audience, and the second season will premiere in October 2020.

Additional Works

Parkes has been in several TV episodes since the first season of “The Spanish Princess,” including “Domina” as the young Livia and the HBO Max series “Starstruck” as Sophie. One of her most prominent performances to date was in an episode of the BBC classic “Doctor Who,” in which she played Claire Clairmont.

Parkes claimed in the podcast “What They Don’t Tell You About” that her appearance in this series was a dream come true for her: ‘To be honest, I was enamored with it (the series) when I was 12 years old.’ ‘It was a young me’s fantasy,’ she concluded.

Despite her middling success in her acting debut, Parkes has admitted that finding fresh roles in the entertainment industry has been tough for her: ‘I left early to do it (her role in “The Spanish Princess”),’ she says. ‘Oh my god, this is wonderful,’ everyone exclaimed. I sat there thinking, ‘Oh my god, this has all happened so quickly for me, and I didn’t even have to deal with all the stress and rejection.’ No, it won’t be long until I receive my next job.’ I hadn’t worked in ten months.’

Parkes also said in the same interview that she began working at a school for children with special needs to cope with the frustration of not being given the acting opportunities she expected.

‘I’ve been going up for incredible roles, but up against people who have been in the industry for much longer than me and who have worked a lot more than me, and I’ve often missed out on roles because of the profile,’ Parkes says. So it’s a challenge… ‘How am I going to obtain experience if you don’t provide it to me?’

Despite the challenges, Parkes has no intentions to give up her dream of becoming a famous actress: ‘(the entertainment industry) is so up and down, but the ups are so worth every second of the downs.’ I’m extremely fortunate: I have a wonderful agent, and the job I accomplished allows me to enter auditioning rooms where people have worked for five or seven years to be allowed to enter. I audition maybe once or twice a week, including or not including self-tapes.’

Private Life


Despite performing in several theater and television plays, Parkes rocketed to prominence when The Daily Mail disclosed in May 2020 that she was dating famed actor Tom Holland. A source close to both performers confirmed in the newspaper that they began dating in February and began living together during the COVID-19 quarantine: ‘It was early days for Tom and Nadia when the lockdown was declared in London. They decided to isolate themselves together, and things had been going swimmingly between them’.

Although living together in the early stages of their relationship may appear hurried, the insider said that the couple’s relationship is quite serious, as Holland has introduced her as his official girlfriend to his family and friends.

Parks and the Spiderman star first refused to corroborate The Daily Mail’s allegations, but on July 27 Holland posted a photo of her on his Instagram account. Despite the lack of a caption, the post answered people’s questions regarding the couple’s involvement. The relationship was finally revealed on August 9 when the actor uploaded another photo of Parkes in a golf courtyard, this time with the caption: “How lovely…. are those golf clubs?”

The couple’s first encounter has not been confirmed, however, it is thought that they met during Sophie Jonas’ (neĆ© Turner) wedding to singer Joe Jonas in 2019, as Parks is a close friend of the famous model and attended her bachelorette party in Spain.

Holland was formerly in a relationship with Olivia Bolton, but the couple ended their relationship in early 2020.

Net Worth

Nadia Parkes’ net worth is believed to be $400,000 as a result of her career as an actor.

Body Structure

Nadia Parkes
Nadia Parkes (Pinterest)

Nadia Parkes is a stunning green-eyed woman with lovely brownish-blonde hair. She stands 5ft 7ins (1.67m) tall and weighs about 125lbs (56kgs).

Fascinating Facts

She was the first cast member of “The Spanish Princess.” Her agency informed her that she had landed the role of Rosa de Vargas, but she didn’t believe it until later.

The cast of “The Spanish Princess” had a difficult time filming because they had to endure high temperatures while dressed in medieval clothing. The food the cast had to eat during a banquet scene was spoiled owing to the heat, according to Parkes during the show’s press conference.