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Taylor, often known as Ninja, is an American esports competitor and streamer. Taylor’s online persona, Ninja, sprang to fame as a result of his Fortnite playing. 29 years old, Ninja.

On Twitch, Ninja has more than 16 million followers, while on YouTube, he has 24 million subscribers. Along with other battle royale games like Call of Duty, Halo, H1Z1, and PUBG, Ninja also plays Fortnite.

How much is Ninja’s Net Worth?

How much money is he worth? His net worth is anticipated to be between $4-6 million as of 2021. As he acquires more viewers on YouTube and Twitch and triumphs in more professional competitions, it is anticipated that this figure will increase steadily in the next years.

What Kind of Income Does Ninja earn?

His profits come from his participation in Fortnite competitions, his Twitch streaming, and his YouTube channel. He is also a social media influencer in addition to all of this.

Ninja Bio

Real Name Richard Tyler Blevins
DOB June 5, 1991 (age 29)
Previous Year’s
Net Worth (2019)
Under Review
Net Worth $15 million
Source of Wealth Professional Gamer,
eSports, Online Streamer
Net Worth
Verification Status
Not Verified

Earnings Potential from Fortnite

Ninja is a professional Fortnite player. He has triumphed in Fortnite competitions to the tune of $602,550. The Grand Finals of the 2018 Fortnite Fall Skirmish was won by Ninja and Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore. Despite having played a variety of games during his career, Ninja currently prefers Fortnite, which is also the game that he frequently streams on Twitch.

YouTube Income

On YouTube, He has over 24 million subscribers.

Over a billion people have watched all of his videos. Although conservatively, we can readily determine that he made at least $1 million via YouTube.

Income from Ninja Twitch Streaming

One of the most well-liked Twitch streamers is Ninja. Along with Tfue and Myth, he is recognized as a great. The majority of Twitch Streaming goes toward determining Ninja’s Worth. Ninja is unquestionably a Twitch Star, having 165+ million viewers and 7+ million followers. He has almost 18,000 paying subscribers who regularly contribute to his account. Although it can be challenging to estimate, we can assume that his Twitch streaming income is at least $1 million annually.

Ninja Earnings as a Social Media Influencer

On social media, Ninja is highly active. He has a significant social media following:

14+ Million followers on Instagram
16+ Million followers on Twitter
24+ Million followers on YouTube

He frequently receives paid promotions from gaming businesses to promote their goods and titles.

Sponsorships for Ninjas

One of the most played video games right now is Ninja. Numerous sponsorship opportunities arise as a result of his notoriety. He recently received a $140,000 offer from EA to play and support Madden. Turner, though, declined it. Currently, Ninja has no sponsors; he simply enjoys being, in his own words, “himself.”


First automobile was a Tesla Model X. The vehicle is about $140,000. For another $20,000, he purchased a brand-new Sea-Doo Jet Ski for himself.

He recorded himself spending $1 million in one day on his birthday and posted the video on his YouTube account. On his actual Fortnite Battle Bus, he traveled to several locations to commemorate his birthday. He caught up with some of his admirers and gave Xbox One users Microsoft points.

He employs top-notch equipment because he is a professional gamer. He makes use of a Sennheiser HD 800 S audio headset, a Logitech G Pro gaming mouse, and an ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q display. He also has a $3,500 custom-made gaming keyboard by Taeha Types.

Ninja FAQs

    • How much money does he make in a year? He is estimated to make at least $1.35 million in a year.
  • How much is he worth on Twitch? He makes a minimum of $500,000 every year on Twitch alone. He has over 16+ million paid subscribers on Twitch.