Nisha Noor
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On September 18, 1962, Nisha Noor, an Indian actress, was born. She was 44 years old. She continued to be active in the South’s film industry throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In some of the most well-known movies from the 1980s, Nisha has been in several well-known parts.

She was a young, attractive, and talented actress. She even had the chance to collaborate with stars Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan.

What Is Nisha Noor’s Net Worth?Nisha Noor

As of 2022, Nisha Noor’s net worth is predicted to be about $3 million.

Childhood & Education

A little bit of information on Nisha may be found on Wikipedia. According to her birth certificate, Nisha was born on September 18, 1962, in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. She passed away at Chennai’s Tambaran Hospital, where she breathed her last. Just before she died in 2007, she was shut off from the media in 1995.

The day she passed away, when she was found in a critical condition outside a DARGAH (holy site) in Tambaran, Chennai was the last time anyone saw her alive. In the media, Nisha’s educational history is seldom discussed. On the other hand, Nisha Noor has appeared in several Tamil and Malayalam movies, proving that she is a graduate.

Nisha Noor’s family

Nisha’s only known characteristic is that she is a Muslim who was raised in a Muslim household. Following her passing, no additional details about her family or job were ever made public.

No one from her family was there when she was cremated. Nobody has stepped forward to claim Nisha Noor as a member of their family, not even after Nisha Noor passed away. Her burial rites were carried out by a Muslim NGO.

Nisha never signed a contract with a TV show production business and only ever worked in the film industry. In the 1980 Tamil film Mangal Nayagi, she made her acting debut. In the 1990 Malayalam film Chuvappu Naada, she made her debut.

She lives a successful and opulent life in the 1980s, is well-liked by the public, and has collaborated with renowned filmmakers like Visu, K Balachander, and Chandrashekar. The most recent movie starring Nisha Noor to hit theaters was Mimics Action 500 in the Malayalam language (1995).

The aforesaid tragedy had ruined Nisha’s blooming life. After being turned down for work by every director and actor, she got involved in the prostitution business, left the business, and is said to have made a livelihood as a prostitute after 1995. She was shocked to learn that no one wants to work with her.

Nisha Noor’s financial circumstances worsened, and she lived in abject poverty for the last few years of her life. She struggled to meet her fundamental survival needs.

We don’t have any evidence, though, as to why she hasn’t been able to obtain employment. and how she handled illnesses like AIDS? But in 2007, the media was all over the tale of her prostitution and AIDS-related death.

On the last day of her life, she was found dozing off near a Dargah (a revered shrine) in Chennai. By the time the locals saw Nisha, her health had gotten worse and she was covered in insects and worms. The skeleton of Nisha’s body was made visible throughout. Nobody realized she was a well-known actress at the time.

However, as police and Tamil NGO (Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam) workers transported her to the hospital, it was discovered that she was actress Nisha Noor. She was diagnosed with an AIDS-related sickness by doctors. In a hospital, she passed away on April 23, 2007. It is alleged that she was fully unaware that she has AIDS.Nisha Noor

Status Of Relationships

Nisha passed away alone. She never got married. At the time of her passing, she was not married. The casting couch was what drew her into the world of prostitution. She was driven into the dreadful world of prostitution by one of the movie’s producers.

No actor or director wanted to work with her after it was reported in the media that she had been a prostitute behind closed doors. She lost contact with the entertainment scene and never developed meaningful relationships with guys.

The 4 Unknown Facts About Nisha Noor

  • In the 1981 movie Tik Tik Tik, she shared the screen alongside Kamal Hassan.
  • In the movie Sri Raghavendra, which starred Rajnikanth in the lead role, she played a minor role.
  • Nisha received recognition from Wikipedia after her passing was revealed in the media in 2007.
  • Internet users are still looking for Nisha’s images and videos 15 years after her passing.