Rocket Ayer Williams
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The oldest child and son of Pharrell Williams, a rapper, and producer, Helen Lasichanh is named Rocket Ayer Williams. In October 2013, he was born before his parents exchanged vows. When his mother had a set of triplets in 2017, his family grew after four years.

The firstborn child of Pharrell and Helen will be named after some of music history’s greatest musicians. They have kept the identities of the other three children, who Pharrell referred to as their “tribe,” very hidden, though.

Learn more about Rocket, his three siblings, and his parents by reading this.

Meet Rocket Ayer Williams

In the United States of America, Rocket’s parents, Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh welcomed him into the world in 2008. His parents gave him names of some of history’s most renowned musicians, as was already mentioned.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, his father explained why they gave their oldest son the name “Rocket.” He claimed it was a metaphor for the songs “Rocket Love” by Stevie Wonder, “Rocket Man” by Elton John, and “Rocket” by Herbie Hancock. They were all his favorite musicians, he said.

His middle name, Ayer, was also inspired by well-known musicians, so it wasn’t just his first name. The American composer and music producer Roy Ayers was chosen as the inspiration for the name.

The name Rocket, on the other hand, had a deeper meaning. They anticipate the eldest son to perform similarly, as a rocket is designed to go up.

The parents of Rocket can shield their kids from the spotlight because they don’t want them to become part of the social media craze. On the contrary, his parents’ social media has frequently featured Rocket.

According to the images, Rocket and his father look remarkably alike. People started to wonder who else could be picking up Rocket’s developing sense of style if not his father.

The Triplets of Williams

In June 2017, Pharrell and his wife welcomed their triplets. The media has not been informed of their identity, but the information that is known indicates that the triplets’ sexes are two girls and one boy.

Their father referred to them as an “assembly line” and referred to them as the “tribe.” They sing when they cry when they are crawling on all fours. And when one person is hungry, everyone else is too.

The triplets’ upbringing seems to be a challenge for Pharrell and his wife. It requires more focus to look after four children. The rapper and producer once admitted to using 12 nannies, who alternate shifts looking after the children.

In Virginia, His Father was born.

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams, the father of Rocket, was born in Virginia Beach on April 5, 1973. He was the first of their three sons to be born to his parents, Carolyn and Pharoah Williams. The 49-year-ethnic old’s heritage can be traced to North Carolina and Virginia going back many generations.

According to legend, one of his ancestors visited West Africa in 1832, which inspired other family members to move to Liberia from the US the same year.

The Father of Rocket Ayer Williams is Worth $200 million.

In his musical career, the rapper has been making a lot of money. He is thought to be worth $200 million. Given the number of hits he has been producing, it is not surprising that he earned this much. His involvement in numerous projects and businesses has contributed to his success both professionally and financially.

Among his most successful works is the number-one hit single Happy, which broke sales records and sold more than 1.81 million copies. The song was the most popular single of the millennium.

On the Billboard charts, the song topped six different music genres, including Adult Pop, Rhythmic Songs, and Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop.

On the commercial front, Rocket’s father established the umbrella company I Am Other. It consists of a diverse group of entertainment businesses that manage several connected projects. They include topics like multimedia, music, film, and television.

Later, he opened an ice cream shop, Billionaires Boys Club, and Billionaires Girl Club. He enjoys jewelry as well, but he prefers to design. The producer and rapper create Louis Vuitton accessories.