Cleo Rose Elliott
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The talented singer, musician, and model Cleo Rose Elliott. At the age of 24, her debut single, “No More Lies,” became an immediate hit, catapulting her to fame.

Cleo Rose Elliott has since put out a number of tracks and established herself in the music business.

The singer is well-known for more than just her singing, though. From the moment of Cleo’s birth, she was a celebrity. She is the child of Katharine Ross, an actress, and Sam Elliott, an actor who has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Despite the fact that Cleo is the only child of the famous couple, her connection with her mother is not the best. Even a restraining order against her daughter Cleo was obtained by Katharine.

At least half a dozen times, according to Cleo, had been stabbed by her mother.

Writing in the restraining order in March 2011, Katharine disclosed that her daughter Cleo had been violent as a young kid and turned violent as an adult.

The Graduate actress claimed, “[Cleo] verbally and emotionally tortured me even as a young child but grew progressively violent at age 12 or 13.”

Cleo Rose Elliott
Cleo Rose Elliott (Pinterest)

After Cleo allegedly slashed Katharine with scissors and Katharine filed a restraining order against her daughter, the acrimony in their relationship became public.

The 81-year-old actress claimed that her daughter suddenly lost her fury and started muttering, “I want to murder you.” She then kicked the cabinet door, and when Katharine tried to call the police, Cleo used scissors to cut the phone line.

After making a threat to use the scissors to cut her eye out, Cleo instead stabbed her six times in the right arm.

In her statement, Katharine said, “[Cleo] used enough force to puncture my skin through my shirt and left me with marks that are still present today.”

Following that incident, Katharine requested a protective order, and on March 30, 2011, the court scheduled a hearing. Cleo was instructed to keep at least 100 yards away from her mother’s residence, place of employment, and vehicle up to the hearing.

However, it is still unknown what drove Cleo to stab her own mother.

Cleo Rose Elliott
Cleo Rose Elliott (Pinterest)

Cleo and Her Mother’s Relationship Seems to Be Getting Improving

Despite the fact that Cleo, 36, and her mother shared a memorable moment, it now appears that they have forgiven each other for their past animosity.

The mother and daughter are frequently spotted together at occasions and award ceremonies, which suggests that their bond is strengthening.

At the 2017 Sundance Film Festival’s red carpet event for the film The Hero, which starred Cleo’s parents, they were seen together. She was being interviewed as the event was going on.

Cleo said that she was proud of her parents because they were both excellent actors.

Cleo and her mother Katharine were spotted together one more at the A Star is Born premiere on September 24, 2018.

They were both grinning and appeared to be quite content when they were together at the 91st Annual Academy Awards.