Wilda Fox
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Who Is Wilda Fox?

Australian vegan activist and fitness influencer Wilda Fox has a compelling life story.

Early Life of Wilda Fox

Wilda Fox acquired more than 25 kg of weight following the birth of her first kid in 2016. She claimed that she experienced both mental and physical “disconnection.”

Wilda started performing bodyweight exercises at home to shed some pounds. She performed a demanding 20-minute workout in the living room every day while her baby napped. Lunges, burpees, planks, and squats made up her workout.

Six months later, Wilda had shed 27 kg of extra weight using solely bodyweight exercises. Since then, she has motivated women all over the world by demonstrating that getting fit is achievable even if going to the gym is not an option.

Here is her account:

Body Measurements of Wilda Fox

Full Name: Wilda Fox
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Vegan Activist, Online Influencer
ERA: 2010


  • Fitness Model
  • Vegan Advocate
  • Digital Influencer

Biography (Early Life)

Popular Diets

Wilda Fox was always active, but she wasn’t content with the way she looked.

As a result, she frequently embarked on a “fad diet train,” experimenting with the keto and paleo diets to lose weight quickly. I experimented with a variety of diets, including some that involved merely drinking shakes or juice.

Even while Wilda did drop weight during these brief dieting spurts, it wasn’t healthful or sustainable. She acknowledges that these diets ultimately made her feel worse.

It was annoying, monotonous, unhealthy, and ultimately unproductive.

Finding The Gym Boring

In addition to having a poor diet, Wilda also had poor workout habits.

On certain days, Wilda would devote hours to nothing but cardio. After many hours on the treadmill, she eventually came to a point where she could no longer see any improvement.

“Sure, I had a respectable level of strength and fitness to be proud of, but the gym and the traditional method of weight lifting were just wearing me out, both physically and mentally.” Fox, Wilda

Pregnancy Of Wilda

When Wilda learned she was expecting, she realized she would be unable to maintain her “crazy” training schedule and dietary restrictions. As she put it;

“Once I learned I was pregnant, I knew there would be a lot of changes, whether I wanted them or not! I had to accept that nature will take its course because a lot of these things were out of my control.

Naturally, she had put on a little weight while pregnant. At this time, Wilda made the decision to alter her attitude to training and dieting rather than worrying about her weight gain.

She stopped going to the gym and started working out at home. Wilda also ceased depriving herself of other food categories and carbohydrates to provide her body with the nourishment it requires.

Exercise At Home

Wilda Fox

Wilda followed the workout regimen that her husband, Matt Fox, had designed for her as she exercised at home. These exercises needed no special equipment.

Wilda was surprised to see that throughout the months she had grown stronger and had more energy. Additionally, she did not need to visit the gym to accomplish this.

“Even though I was naturally gaining weight during my pregnancy, I noticed an improvement in both my strength and fitness.

Additionally, I completed it in only a fifth of the time that I used to spend exercising. I appreciated having a schedule that would allow me to exercise wherever, and I felt more at ease doing it!”

She had gained 16 kg during her pregnancy, as Wilda had anticipated. I knew I had found something that would help me get back in shape, and I had accepted it, she added. Fox, Wilda

Losing Weight After Giving Birth

Wilda gradually upped the intensity of her workouts a few weeks after giving birth to her baby.

While her son slept, she began training for 15 minutes in her living room. She improved her fitness over time and could now do 45-minute HIT sessions.

“High-intensity training made up the majority of my workouts, which let me get in both aerobic and strength training at the same time. This is ideal for anyone, especially new mothers because it kills two birds with one stone.

Wilda lost an astonishing 26 kg over the following six months. using only her body weight as resistance.

Encouragement To Others

By transforming herself, Wilda inspired other women to exercise. These people are now supporting Wilda along the way by following her trip online.

As for Wilda, she is grateful to her husband for supporting her during her metamorphosis and is looking forward to the future’s difficulties.

Finally, I am proud of how I feel and what I see in the mirror. I no longer go on insane fad diets or deprive myself of foods. Within my restrictions, I eat everything I want.

It’s sustainable, and that’s what healthy living is all about, so I can eat supper out or a bag of popcorn while watching a movie. Fox, Wilda

Training (Workout)

Wilda Fox

Bodyweight Exercises For Weightlifting

When Wilda used to work out in the gym, she would put in hours-long cardio and weightlifting sessions.

She no longer workouts near the gym these days. She now works out for 45 minutes every day using challenging bodyweight workouts that combine cardio and strength training.

This method not only saves Wilda time, but she has also seen significantly better results compared to when she trained in the gym.

I enjoy the training and the privacy of being able to do it in my living room, as Wilda puts it. I enjoy having a schedule that enables me to workout anyplace, and I feel more at ease when I exercise!”

Rest And Restoration

Wilda Fox used to be terrified to take a day off from working out so she wouldn’t lose her progress when she trained in the gym.

She now understands, however, that this wasn’t sustainable or healthy.

Today, Wilda trains whenever she feels like it. She goes by feel. She might even take a full week off if she thinks her body needs a rest.

“Exercising excessively can be more harmful than beneficial. Your body deteriorates if you consistently push it beyond its breaking point. Allow it enough time to get well, mend, and grow stronger.

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Similar to her training, Wilda had a strict diet before becoming pregnant. She was never happy with the way she looked and frequently tried to shed weight by avoiding whole food groups. Usually, carbs were the first to go.

However, Wilda no longer places any restrictions on herself. Even if she feels like her body is yearning for it, she will eat something “less nutritious.”

Wilda thinks she gets better results when she doesn’t worry too much about food.

According to Wilda, “I eat whatever I want as long as I stay inside my restrictions. This is crucial: I am aware of my macronutrient needs and how many calories I need to consume daily to attain my goals. It becomes a way of life.

Influences And Idols

Wilda attributes her fitness change to the support she received from her husband, Matt Fox.

Wilda began adhering to a body-weight regimen that her husband had established for her after giving birth to her baby. She was able to eliminate 26 pounds of extra weight as a result of this method and her willpower.

What Wilda Fox Can Teach Us?

If nothing else, Wilda Fox showed that staying healthy and strong can be achieved without a gym.

There are many ways to get your dream body, and Wilda is living proof that you can do it entirely with bodyweight exercises.

Don’t let justifications keep you from achieving your objectives. If Wilda’s tale has taught us anything, it is that you can always achieve your goals if you put in the necessary effort.