Healthy Thai food dishes

Every cuisine in the world has its unique dishes. One must try them to add taste and variety to our eating. If one wants to incorporate these dishes into one daily diet, opt for healthy dishes.

Thailand has its own wonderful ethnic culture including that related to food. Which are healthy Thai food dishes worth trying?

Healthy Thai food dishes

Thailand is a Southeast Asian nation that people visit for its scenic places as well as its rich culture and heritage. And the food of Thailand has a blend of aromas and flavors.

It ranges from sweet to spicy to savory and is a favorite worldwide. Thai dishes have vegetables, seafood, as well as animal products. Moreover, they traditionally use lemongrass, coconut milk, galangal, Thai basil, and Thai chilies during cooking.

But which are the top five healthy Thai food dishes?

Som tum or papaya salad

Healthy Thai food dishes
Thai green papaya salad (Source: Rosa’s Thai)

In this salad, raw green papaya is used and it is a side dish and an appetizer. Firstly, the raw papaya is julienned. To this, add either lemon juice, tamarind sauce, or fish sauce.

Other ingredients such as garlic, crushed peanuts, red chilies, or dried shrimps can be added for extra taste. Papaya has vitamin C for immunity, beta-carotene for eyesight and health, and lycopene for the protection of skin from damaging UV rays.

Yam so-mo or pomelo salad

It has shredded pomelo with lime juice and fish sauce. Often, chefs also add cilantro, coconut, Thai hot chilis, and dried shrimp to this dish.

It has high levels of vitamin C. This keeps the gum healthy, boosts immunity, enhances iron absorption, makes collagen, and heals wounds.

Thai fresh spring rolls

Healthy Thai food dishes
Unfried fresh Thai spring rolls (Source: The spruce eats)

They have a rice wrapper stuffed with cooked rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, and shrimp. Additionally, there is coriander and Thai basil in it.

The latter has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves stress. Bean sprouts give the dish crunchiness and have high amounts of vitamin K that assists blood coagulation. Avoid frying the ingredients and add more vegetables to it to lower the calories and increase the nutrition.

Tom yum Goong Nam sai or Clear spicy Thai soup

This is sour and spicy. The hot chilies make it spicy and the sourness comes from the lemongrass, galangal (rhizomatous spice), and kaffir lime leaves. Additionally, vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes, white onions, and cilantro, or seafood such as shrimp or chicken can be added for extra taste, nutrition, and variety. When coconut milk is added to this soup, it is called Tom yum gong Nam Kohn.

This makes the dish sweeter and creamer while reducing its spiciness and sourness. In this dish, shrimp is a source of protein and astaxanthin. The latter supposedly decreases inflammation and lessens the risk of chronic diseases.

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Lah Kapong Neung Manao or Thai steamed fish

Healthy Thai food dishes
Thai steamed fish (Source: Tiffy cooks)

This is a whole fish food dish in which Barramundi, Asian sea bass is served intact with the removal of its scales and internal organs. Cooking is by using steam. To this, lime juice, chilies, and garlic are added. For garnishing, Chinese celery is used.

The broth used to steam is later consumed as soup or used as a dipping sauce. Fish has high-quality protein with iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. And, Iodine is essential for thyroid hormone production. While omega 3 fatty acids have a role in keeping the heart healthy.