Healthy seeds

We often think only of bulky foods when we talk of eating. But some tiny food items are very healthy and good for the heart and gut.

These are the seeds that contain a lot of beneficial nutrients. Start introducing them to your diet and you will find the difference yourself. Which are these healthy seeds that have that extra portion of health benefits for all?

Healthy seeds

Nature has given us a lot of edible foods. And this includes seeds. Often, one forgets to incorporate these tiny bits into our daily food.

But these are so highly nutritious that they should be part of everyone’s diet. They are not so expensive and are easily available at supermarkets or grocery shops.

Additionally, they are a safe source of plant-based protein and essential fats for all ages and help protect the gut and heart.

You can sprinkle them on food or munch them raw. Or soak them overnight and consume them first thing in the morning.

1. Chia seeds (healthy seeds)

Healthy seeds
Chia seeds (Source: Bon Appetit)

These are seeds of a flowering plant of the mint family that grows in Mexico. They are gray and oval-shaped. They have black and white spots on them. The seeds swell and form a gelatinous covering when soaked in water.

Their taste is mild. They are good for constipation and lower blood cholesterol. The omega-3 fatty acids in them aid in overcoming heart problems.

2. Flax seeds

This is also called linseed. It comes from a flowering plant and is high in fiber. It helps in bowel movements. Its essential fatty acids lower bad cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure.

They are good for the skin due to their lignans content. You can add it to your food or soak it in water overnight before consuming it. 100 g of it provides 534 calories.

It can cause loose motions, nausea, stomach upset, and bloating if consumed in excess.

3. Sesame seeds

These seeds are good for health. They prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

They have high levels of minerals such as zinc, copper, copper, iron, and vitamin B6 and can decrease the risk of cancer. You can add it to food, in flat bread, make a sauce of it or add it to desserts.

4. Sunflower seeds

Healthy seeds
Sunflower seeds (Source: IM)

These sunflower seeds are rich sources of protein, fiber, essential unsaturated fats, and vitamin E. They help reduce C-reactive protein in the body.

Thus they can control body inflammation. You can eat it as such or soak it in water and then eat them. You can roast them and add them to various food dishes.

5. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are often thrown away while the vegetable is cooked. But they have a lot of phosphorus, magnesium, and heart-friendly unsaturated fats.

One can eat it raw, or add them to soup, salad, or on a sandwich. You can roast them before consumption.

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6. Papaya seeds

Healthy seeds
Papaya seeds (Source: IM)

These seeds have a lot of benefits. They are good for skin health. They promote gut health and lower cholesterol. The seeds aid weight loss and are kidney protective.

The seeds have anti-cancer properties. They reduce body inflammation and menstrual pain. They have cardiac protective actions and possess antibacterial properties.

Additionally, they can control dandruff. But be careful in giving it to pregnant mothers. The seeds might affect male fertility.