Harmful food combinations

Eating is fun for many people. They just love to eat. But they may end up with certain harmful food combinations. Which are these bad and unhealthy food combos to avoid?

Harmful food combinations

Human beings love to eat. We eat so many foods and meals in a day that we are bound to have multiple different food combinations. Some are harmless but some of these combinations could be harmful. Here is a list of the unhealthy food combos.

Banana and milk

It might come as a surprise to many that this food combination is not healthy. We often take banana shake which is bananas in milk. But both of these foods are hefty in their own sense. The digestion of both together is hard on the gut. And it can slow brain function too. Bananas turn sour when they breakdown and they can spoil the added milk. Some consumers land up with skin rashes, cold, cough and such allergy with it.

Harmful food combinations
Banana and milk (Source: Pinterest)

Burgers with french fries

A common sight at fast food chains is eating of burgers with french fries. But both foods are extremely high in fats. And after consumption of both together or immediately one after another, the effect on the body is of weakness and laziness. They cause a fast and high rise in blood sugar and blood bad cholesterol. These cause weight gain and increased appetite and heart ailments.

Cheese with beans

Beans are high protein foods. And cheese is a dairy product that also is rich in protein. And this combination can cause indigestion and bloating. Both are hard on the gut and cause weakening of the digestive process.

Harmful food combinations
Cheese with beans (Source: Cooking is messy)

Fruits with yoghurt

This combination has harmful effects on the body system. Both digest at a different pace. Moreover, the yoghurt acts on the fruit sugars. But the acids produced would decrease and interfere with digestion of yoghurt.

Eggs and meat

Both foods are high protein. Hence consumption of these foods together can cause bloating risk and indigestion. They overload the digestive system and prolong the digestive process.

Potatoes with meat

Many people like to have french fries with steak. But this combination is not good. Both require different digestive milieu. Potatoes need an alkaline medium while meat digests better in an acidic environment. The digestion gets hampered leading to heart burn, belching, and gas formation.

Pizza with soda

Harmful food combinations
Pizza and soda (Source: iStock)

Fizzy drinks with pizza is an acidic combination. Pizza has carbs and protein and uses most of the digestive process for itself. It takes up most of the body energy. And soda slows down the digestion. This gives rise to tummy upset.

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Water or juice with meals

This is not healthy. The water or juice dilutes the stomach acids and reduces the digestion. Hence, carbs, fats and proteins digestion slows down. Therefore, consume water ten minutes before the meals. This will prevent overeating and also prevent dilution of gastric juices and acids.