Healthy cheese recipes

Cheese is such a versatile food item and a delicacy. Everyone relishes it. Whether it is a child or an old person, no one can give up this food.

But we also know that cheese is not all that healthy. It comes from an animal source and has fats including saturated fats and cholesterol.

But there is some good news for cheese lovers. One can make it healthy? What are the healthy cheese recipes for this food?

Cheese: healthy or not?

Cheese is obtained from animal milk. It is high in fats, especially saturated fats, and can add cholesterol to the blood. But it also has good amounts of protein and calcium that are essential for the body.

Calcium can strengthen the bones and protein is a must in the diet for muscle buildup and repair. So should we exclude cheese due to its high-fat content?

That said, cheese can still be part of the daily diet in a healthy way. American Heart Association asserts that only 5 to 6% of the daily calories should be from saturated fats.

This we can obtain from cheese. So which are those healthy cheese recipes that one can make and incorporate into the daily diet without any feelings of guilt or fear? One can have them at breakfast, dinner time, or as a cheesy appetizer.

Healthy cheese recipes
Baked cherry tomatoes with feta cheese (Source: Alexandra’s kitchen)

Baked cherry tomatoes with feta cheese: one of the healthy cheese recipes

In this, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese are added with whole wheat pita and veggies and basil and baked. This can make a perfect healthy appetizer.

The vegetables provide the much-needed vitamins and antioxidants and cheese gives the taste to the food.

Apple and bacon-infused grilled cheese sandwich

Along with the cheese, in the sandwich also add bacon and apple slices. The apple slices provide it with sweetness and fiber. While the bacon provides the eater with protein.

And cheese provides fats with taste. This can be a delicious breakfast as well as good for a fast on-the-go lunch.

Cottage cheese whipped with berries and pistachios

Take cottage cheese and add maple syrup to it. Whip it and then top it with berries and pistachio pieces. It can make a great afternoon snack.

Healthy cheese recipes
Cottage cheese whipped with berries and pistachios (Source: Eat this not that)

Goat cheese stuffed peppadew peppers

Empty the peppers inside and fill them with goat cheese. Add olive oil and basil. One does not need to bake or cook it. This can be great food for a gathering as an appetizer. It goes well with bread slices or crackers.

Healthy smoked salmon and Boursin cheese frittata

Here spreadable Boursin cheese is used and baked with thin slices of smoked salmon. It makes a great breakfast as well as can be taken as lunch. The salmon provides it with healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs provide protein.

Warm goat cheese salad

To reduce the unhealthy side effects of cheese, one can add cheese cut pieces into a healthy green salad. The taste is yummy!

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Arugula and Prosciutto pizza

Healthy cheese recipes
Arugula and prosciutto pizza (Source: Food network)

Pizzas are a favorite of everyone. But due to the cheese, people avoid it. One can make it healthy by adding salty slices of prosciutto and arugula.

Vegetarian pesto gnocchi with green beans and tomatoes

Caprese salad contains tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. It can be ‘healthified’ by adding dough gnocchi, herby pesto, and fresh vegetables into it.

One can be creative with using cheese and forming it part of the daily diet in a healthy way.