Home cooking

Hollywood stars are wealthy and busy. Hence most of them have private chefs to do the home cooking for them. But some stars enjoy cooking and are even good at it.

Hollywood stars who enjoy home cooking

Hollywood celebrities are the rich elite. They earn a lot of money and are also extremely busy with their work schedules. They also often travel in and out of the country for their work and tours.

Most of them have private chefs and domestic help who do the home cooking for them. They need not worry about that aspect of food and eating.

But there a quite a significant number of Hollywood stars who enjoy being home cooks. Whenever time permits, they do want to try their hands at it.

And many of them are extremely skillful in cooking their food at home. Some even can cook on a mass scale for parties because they enjoy it. It is something very close to their heart.

Home cooking
Chrissy Teigen (Source: Good housekeeping)

Chrissy Teigen

When one thinks of a celebrity home cook, immediately model Chrissy Teigen’s name crosses the mind.

This wife of singer John Legend often posts pics of herself cooking on her Instagram. Additionally, she has penned a cookbook and puts recipes on her blog as well for her fan and followers.

2 Chainz

American rapper 2 Chainz is so fond of cooking that he often does it at home. He has also authored a cookbook that has tasty recipes written hilariously.

Kris Jenner

This matriarch of the Jenner family, Kris Jenner enjoys this task and often dishes out comfort foods for her family. In 2014, she went ahead and released a cookbook.

Home cooking
Kris Jenner (Source: Pinterest)

Kylie Jenner

This daughter of Kris Jenner loves cooking like her mother. She often posts videos of herself cooking on Snapchat. Moreover, she has come up with her Cooking with Kylie series for her app and website subscribers.

Lea Michele

Singer Lea loves this job and has uploaded a lot of pics of her cooking her healthy meals. She prefers a healthy lifestyle and adheres to it diligently. She has on her Instagram a section dedicated to her soup making.

Blake Lively

American actress Blake loves to do baking. She does not boast of her great skills. In 2014, she baked a birthday cake for Beyonce on her birthday. She is extremely good at decorating macarons.

Home cooking
Snoop Dogg (Source: Snooper market)

Snoop Dogg

Hollywood celebrity Snoop Dogg has an unadventurous palate. He can cook for himself his favorite food dishes, he had once said. He has penned a cookbook. Furthermore, he teamed up in the year 2016 with Martha Stewart for a show on cooking.

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David Beckham

This retired footballer often posts pics on his IG to show off his cooking skills to his followers and the world. He acknowledges the fact that it was his good friend, chef Gordon Ramsay who taught him the basics of cooking. He is grateful to him for having helped him to perfect his dish of Beef Wellington.