Natalie Uhling
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Who is Natalie Uhling?

Fitness instructor, model, and internet businesswoman Natalie Uhling is from Colorado in the United States.

Numerous magazines have covered her, and some of them have even called her a Top Fitness Influencer.

Short Career of Natalie Uhling

Natalie Uhling’s love of exercise persisted throughout her entire life. She participated in just about every sport as a child, from dance to kickboxing. Natalie explains, “Movement is my therapy.”

She moved to New York at the age of 16, where she later enrolled in a fashion arts program. However, Natalie developed a liking for working out in the gym during her four years in college. This is what inspired her to venture into the fitness sector.

Since then, the fitness icon’s career has only gone up; she’s launched a business, developed an online following, and now motivates a sizable community to keep active and fit. Here is her account:

Body Measurements of Natalie Uhling

Full Name: Natalie Uhling
ALIAS: natalieuhling
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Trainer, Online Entrepreneur

Natalie Uhling


  • Fitness Instructor
  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Spokesmodel

Biography of Natalie Uhling

Kickboxing, Dance, and Fashion

Natalie Uhling was raised in Idaho in a household that valued athletics and physical fitness. Natalie explains, “That’s why being sporty has been in my blood since I was a little girl.

She was an outstanding athlete as a child and always felt her best during competitions. She flourished in a hostile setting.

Dance and kickboxing were a couple of Natalie’s current favorites. She did, however, also adore fashion. She loved it so much that she decided to give up sports and seek a degree at the Fashion Institute of New York instead.

Moving to New York, in Natalie’s opinion, was one of her better decisions. She was surrounded by the top professionals in her field and placed in situations that forced her to advance.

It also demonstrated to me the value of perseverance and vision. You must desire it more than anyone else can! Natasha Uhling

An Into Fitness Leap

Natalie secured a position in the fashion industry following college, where she spent four years.

She continued to exercise during this time by working out with body weight at home and in the gym. Around this time, she developed a liking for fitness.

Natalie decided to transition into fitness after four years of working in the fashion sector. She instantly fell in love with her new profession while working as a personal trainer at gyms and eventually launched her training company.

Natalie did a lot of modeling in addition to being a trainer. At this moment, she was beginning to emerge as a fitness icon.

Increased Success

Natalie’s efforts in the fitness sector quickly attracted attention. She once received a call from a renowned sports and fashion brand, signing on as their spokesmodel.

Within a short period, Natalie’s internet following expanded along with her notoriety. She had amassed a huge online following by the year 2018. She had also been on television and in several fitness periodicals.

Being a part of a TV show taught me so much! The resources I took with me are priceless. I also developed the thickest skin imaginable! It was among the toughest things I’ve ever done. Natasha Uhling

Natalie keeps expanding her online and offline presence, positively influencing everyone who is inspired by her amazing example.

Training of Natalie Uhling

Duration Over Intensity

In Natalie’s workouts, “intensity, not the time” is the key concept. For roughly 60 to 90 minutes, she enjoys working out hard before turning her attention to recovery. Stretching, ice baths, and sports massages are examples of this.

About her training regimen, Natalie alternates between high- and low-impact exercises. She alternates between doing gentle yoga or pilates three times a week and kickboxing occasionally.

Additionally, Natalie will occasionally lift weights. She focuses more on her form and technique than how much weight she can lift.


Every week, Natalie performs a full-body split as part of her training regimen. This guarantees that she works out every muscle group many times a week and recovers in time for the following workout on Monday.

For her, a typical gym session over the week may look like this:

  • Monday – Quads
  • Tuesday – Chest, and Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Back
  • Thursday – Hamstrings and Quads
  • Friday – Chest, and Shoulders
  • Saturday – Rest & Recovery
  • Sunday – Back

Pushing Past Mental Difficulties

Natalie is a trainer, so she is aware of how challenging it is to maintain excellent physical health. likewise intellectually as well as physically.

Every week of the year, she follows her rigorous schedule and workout plan, which enables her to prepare for an event or picture session within a few weeks by adjusting her diet and training.

Natalie Uhling


Natalie Uhling only consumes plant-based foods and is a vegan. She keeps her nutrition pretty straightforward as opposed to overly complicating it. from her own words

I consume actual food! No garbage. It’s fairly easy. Since diets are not a way of life and I want to be physically healthy for the rest of my life, I feed my body nutritious food.

Natalie always has a banana in her backpack for snacks. She also prepares her green smoothies, which she takes with her wherever she travels in a mason jar.

Understanding nutrition from the start

Natalie was aware from the beginning of her fitness adventure that to achieve the body she desired, she would need to follow a clean eating regimen.

In terms of staying in shape for a picture shoot or any fitness event, this is half the battle. Her success depends on her diet.

Natalie may increase her intake of nutritious carbs if she feels short on energy, especially before a workout.

Natalie understands that getting the most out of her training requires giving her muscles the right amount of nutrients to fuel the tough exercises and cardio she does.


Natalie doesn’t depend on supplements year-round, but when she travels, she might take a vegan protein powder, multivitamin, and plant omega-3s.

to make sure she has everything covered. She and other athletes supplement their diets with BCAAs and glutamine to increase energy and speed up muscle recovery after exercise.

Influences and Idols

Natalie Uhling grew raised in a household that strongly favored sports and physical activities. Naturally, Natalie’s family had a big influence on the development of her interest in exercise and health.

“When I was barely 13 years old, that entrepreneurial spark first appeared in me. I’ve always had a huge enthusiasm for exercise, and I feel so lucky that it has now become my career.

What Natalie Uhling Can Teach Us?

Natalie moved to New York at the age of 16 to pursue her passion for fashion at an early age. Natalie spent four years working in the fashion sector after completing her education.

She did, however, discover a new interest in fitness at this time. She eventually changed occupations as a result, working as a model and personal trainer.

Her experience has shown us that there is never a bad time to follow your passion. Although Natalie had a fashion interest at first, she later came to understand that fitness was more important to her.

She pursued her goals and spent no time making her aspirations come true.